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Little League World Series Star’s Arm Pain Eliminated at FBR

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When 13 year old Cole Wagner of Red Land, PA walked into my office I really didn’t know he was a big deal. His mom and dad were with him and, to their credit, they didn’t lead with his resume. According to Cole’s parents, he had enjoyed a very successful and fun-filled 12-year old summer, but when he moved up to the big field, his elbow began to hurt. His dad, 1994 first round draft pick Bret Wagner, reported that Cole had been shutdown for the entire 2016 spring and summer. Two innings…

The Only 4 Things That Matter In Pitching

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A couple of days ago, I got an email from a student named Andrew that really got me thinking. “Hey Randy, I’ve started back throwing and I was looking for some help on the role of the glutes in the delivery. I understand a glute load allows for stabilization of the trunk and can create a bit more ground reaction force, but I’ve also seen the EMG study where they claim that GRF in the drive foot isn’t as crucial. I was wondering if you could point me to some literature or elaborate…