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New Book Teaches Innovative Approach For Eliminating Arm Pain

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  With this book and video series anyone with half a brain can learn to eliminate arm pain independently and fast. I can’t wait to share it with you. Check out the video below:   Keep an eye on your email. In just 2 days, we will launch at an extremely discounted price. Stay sharp! Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS CEO, Florida Baseball Ranch  

Start With The Pain: A Case Study

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“You’ll never be able to throw at a high level again.” I can count 10 guys off the top of my head who were given that prognosis from highly esteemed medical professionals. Nearly all of them are throwing in college now and are doing well. One made it all the way back to the big leagues. In this video you’ll hear the story of Corey, a stud lefty who played at Florida. He endured 2 labrum repairs and was told to hang up the cleats. But he had other plans.   Start With The…

Start With The Pain Has Launched

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START WITH THE PAIN HAS LAUNCHED!! Wow! We’ve been working on this for almost 2 years, and it’s almost here. Our new book, Start With The Pain: The Complete Guide To Managing Arm Pain In The Elite Throwing Athlete is the first product in the the baseball training industry that provides a step-by-step, easy to implement guide for reducing injury risk and managing arm pain and injury. This transformational book and video will give all coaches, players, parents and instructors the tools…

How We Use External Focus And Feedback To Train Our Athletes (Part 2)

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Earlier this week I released Part 1  of this article illuminating the value of external focus and knowledge of results. In the  second half we’ll discuss how we implement those concepts. Instead of offering verbal cues or cognitive input, at The Florida Baseball Ranch, we use 5 primary methods to improve movement efficiency: 1) Eliminate time: This posit was first introduced to the baseball world by Paul Nyman of Setpro and was presented to me by coach Ron Wolforth of the Texas Baseball…