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A Self-Organization Model For Arm Pain Management

by Randy Sullivan
The following is an excerpt from Randy Sullivan, MPT. “Start WIth The Pain.” iBooks.  “My name is Randy Sullivan. I am a physical therapist and a baseball coach. They call me “The Arm Pain Assassin.” I am one of the best arm pain specialists on the planet and if you ask me why your arm hurts I will tell you … I don’t know.  “Ok… so maybe that sounds a little arrogant, but you get the point. I know a LOT about throwing, a LOT about arm pain and a LOT about how to get rid of it.  But, it’s […]

Is Baseball’s Current Instructional Pop Culture Giving Weighted Balls A Bad Name?

by Randy Sullivan
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A guest blog from Coach Ron Wolforth The competitive baseball universe is very akin in many ways to our Western Culture at large, trends and fads are always in motion. As we all know from life experience, trends and fads simply come and go. In 2018, ‘weighted balls’ and velocity enhancement programs are decidedly in vogue. Even as I travel around the world to places like Italy, The Netherlands and Australia, I see weighted ball programs coupled with their promises of fantastic jumps in velocity. If you are a relative newcomer to the world of competitive baseball, you may not […]

Why Batting Practice Stinks (part 2): The Redshirt Brigade

by Randy Sullivan
How are you feeling? Did you get any sleep at all last night or were you tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling and eventually pacing the floor in anticipation of the release of today’s blog? You’re eyes look a little bloodshot. It’s ok.  I got your back. Yesterday I released a blog that challenged the effectiveness of batting cages and pitching machines based on a motor learning concept called representative design.  Click here if you didn’t get a chance to read it. In yesterday’s article, I promised I would reveal an idea that would rock the college baseball recruiting […]

This Idea Is Going to Blow Up College Recruiting

by Randy Sullivan
I’ve said it before … I’m an idea man. A couple of weeks I wrote a blog about an idea for changing USA Baseball forever.  No response from them as of yet.  Still waiting.  Probably tied up in some committee or something. Nevertheless, the ideas just keep on flowing.  Here’s one for all the hitting guys, college coaches, and recruiting coordinators. You’re welcome in advance. Way back in 1970, in what has become possibly the most clichéd quote in the history of the game, Ted Williams wrote,  “Hitting is the most difficult thing to do in sports.”  Since the moment his […]