Even Our Data Analyst Can Throw It 90 mph!

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This is Jordan Rassmann.

He is our data analyst.
He came on board last summer after graduating from Florida Southern College in only 3 years with a degree in mathematics His job is solving problems — solving problems by crunching numbers — and he’s very good at it.

Around here, Jordie is assigned a lot of responsibility, gets a little credit, and takes a lot of blame.
Got a problem that needs “scienced”?
Ask Jordie.

Something screwed up, broken, or missing?
Ask Jordie. He usually gets blamed even if it wasn’t his fault.

Want answers to complex problems requiring tech, R and Deep Learning?
Ask Jordie.

I don’t always understand Jordan but I am inspired by his insatiable appetite and acumen for learning anything he sets his mind on. He loves learning stuff. He actually taught himself to write computer code so he could design an automated system for collecting and tracking data that automatically sends monthly progress reports to the parents of our local trainees.

Because we share the learning bug we get along pretty well.  The only time I’ve ever wanted to choke Jordan was when I asked him to create a vector chart to more accurately estimate hitting exit velocities with a radar gun, and he said, “It’s simple trigonometry.”
My response…

Before he was hired, Jordie had not played much baseball. By his report he was a mid-to-high 70s lefty who had amassed a whopping 15 innings during his 2 seasons on the high school varsity team in New Jersey.

Nonetheless, by his own account, he “always liked throwing.”

Early in the summer Jordan hounded me incessantly until I finally gave in a conducted a  physical assessment and a video analysis of his throwing pattern. I wrote a training plan and thought that would be the end of it.
But, during the following 3 months, in his off duty time, Jordie could be seen in the corner of the building performing his assigned drills and exercises. He was quiet, subdued, and savagely precise in his approach.

“Wonder why this kid never goes home?” I thought.”Wonder why he keeps throwing?”

After Summer Training ended we kept Jordie on as a full time staffer and he has proven to be an invaluable member of the team. The information he gathers, analyzes and  reports helps us evaluate our training process and guides individualized programming.
Last week, after beginning last summer at 77 mph, Jordan did this on a running throw.

90.8 mph! 
For all the mathematicians out there, that’s 13 mph in just under 7 months! His mound throws are now at around 83 mph.

I asked Jordan why he felt it was so important that he hit 90 mph. His answer was a testament to his dedication and The Ranch Culture.
“If I am going be the best data analyst I can be, I think it’s important for me to take part in the process. It allows me to  feel first-hand what some of our athletes might be experiencing. Actually executing the the training gives me a deeper understanding of the importance and relevance of the data and adds to our effectiveness in player development.”

So…  my man is learning to throw hard so he can make our team better at teaching guys how to throw.

Seems logical…

Of course it does…

It’s Jordan.

Look here’s the deal.
I know what you’re thinking.
If a data analyst, a mathematician, with very little throwing experience can become a high level thrower, you can too.
You are correct.
The process works.

The science is clear… ALL talent is built, not born

Since we started training pitchers nearly 10 years ago, we’ve seen 224 guys eclipse the 90 mph mark. If Jordan can do it, you can too.  All you need is an assessment and the right training program. Your training will make all the difference and we’ll be here to help you every step along the way.
We work with players of all age and experience levels: We’ve trained players between the ages of 9 and 39. 

You have 3 ways to get started:

  1. Attend one of our 2 day  Elite Performance Boot Camps. We host them nearly every month. Click Here if you’d like to receive a brochure in the mail describing the details
  2. Schedule a Precision Strike One-Day, One-On-One Evaluation and Training Session
  3. Or sign up for our Complete Game Summer Training Program. Click Here if you’d like us to mail you a brochure about the summer program.

CALL US AT 866-787-4533 for more info.

I get this call all the time:  “Coach Sullivan, be honest. Do you think my son can learn to throw it 90?”

I used to say, “I know he can, because God doesn’t make junk and human tissue doesn’t have a free will.”

From now on, my answer will be, “Ask Jordie.”

We’ll see you at The Ranch

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS

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