I Was a Savage!!

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About 2 years ago we hired a legit dynamo in our physical therapy clinic.

For the interview, my CFO/COO, Amy and I met her at the pizza restaurant across the street from our physical therapy clinic. We wanted to do the interview on the down low since we really didn’t have any positions to fill, and we saw no need to get our current employees riled up or worried about their won job security.

We interview potential employees constantly, looking for rock stars to add to our team. Our approach is to load our train with electric team members, then we figure out where the train should go based on the skill set of our group.

lisaTurns out Lisa had been in the Fitness and Nutrition Industry as a high-end personal trainer and a fitness
competitor for over 15 years before she decided to go back to PTA school. Her electric personality exuded confidence and charisma, and her unique set of qualifications had Amy and I stoked about her potential.

We hired her on the spot and she has become an integral part of our team both in the clinic and at The Ranch.

The following story is a testament to the importance of ramp-up and connective tissue preparation for recovery, performance and injury risk reduction.

After working here for a few months, Lisa thought it would be a good team building idea for our entire 30+ group of employees to participate in a “Savage Race.”

I hesitantly agreed.

Ever heard of a Savage Race? It’s kind of like a “Tough Mudder.” Race developers rent a huge plot of land from some farmer out in nowhere land and erect a 7 mile running course interrupted by 32 different “challenges” – things like an ice pool, a mud pit, a 30 ft climbing wall, monkey bars, balance logs strung across huge ditches… andsavegecrop there was this one station where we just lifted these huge logs and carried them around in circle… Seemed kind of random to me.

When she presented the idea, it sounded ok… I mean, I’m not much of a runner, but how hard could it be, right?

For 2 months prior to the race, Lisa would bounce into the clinic with far too much energy for the average human and proclaim, “Ok everyone, we’re having Savage Run practice at the park at 6:00 tomorrow morning. Everyone should try to come.”

I went once, then decided I’d rather spend that time getting an extra hour of quality snooze time.

“I was a college athlete at a pretty high level. I can get through 7 miles… I’ll just show up and gut my way through it,” I thought.

Boy was I wrong…

On the morning of the race we reported for duty in our shiny lime green t-shirts emblazoned with “Sullivan Savages” on the back.

I made it through the race… barely… Survived on will alone… Stumbled across the finish line hardly able to lift my legs.

The next morning, it felt like I had been run over by a bus. Even my eye-lashes were sore.

And it literally took me 6 weeks to recover!


Because I hadn’t prepared! My joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles were not ready to accept that kind of stress.

I see the same thing among baseball players… especially pro, college and high school guys over Christmas break. They shut it down, go home, rest, spend time with family, then show up for school in January ill-prepared for the spring practice.

The problem with throwing is that if your soft tissue isn’t prepared, you are extremely vulnerable to injury. This is why you see so any injuries at the soon after teams report for practice.


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See you at the Ranch!

Randy Sullivan, MPT

CEO Florida Baseball Ranch… SAVAGE!

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