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Finding, Evaluating and Applying Baseball Research (Part 3): Guest Blog By Dr. Ed Fehringer and Jordan Rassmann

by Randy Sullivan
We presented a series of questions about baseball related research to a highly regarded Omaha, NE orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ed Fehringer: 1. Why do we need good research in baseball? 2. Why is it important for a coach/instructor to be able to review, understand and critique research. 3. How do I find relevant research (online search hacks)? 4. What are the parts/design of a typical study? 5. How do I evaluate the quality of a study? 6. What are the dangers of only reading the abstract. 7. What are the typical statistical tools used and what do they mean? 8. […]

Finding, Evaluating and Applying Baseball Research (Part 1): Guest Blog By Dr. Ed Fehringer

by Randy Sullivan
A few days ago, I had a spirited twitter discussion about conducting and evaluating research in the baseball training and coaching industries.  That exchange spurred me to reach out to my friend, Dr. Ed Fehringer, a highly regarded Omaha, Nebraska orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder and elbow surgery.  Dr. Fehringer has been involved in several published clinical studies and he his one of the editors of Rockwood and Masten’s The Shoulder — widely regarded as the penultimate shoulder resource for students and clinicians in orthopedic community. I asked Dr. Fehringer to write a guide for baseball coaches and instructors […]