Coaches, college recruiters, and pro scout have their favorites.

If you want to make the team, move up in the rotation, sign a scholarship, or get drafted, it's your job to be their favorite.

How do you do that? 

Play great! And develop the tools they love.

Like every great journey ...It starts with knowing where you are.  Ranch friend Colter Bostick created a chart that tells the story.

If you're not where you need to be, don't worry.  We can help.



Right now, you're probably wondering how we're going to help you, specifically. 

Well, the key word there is "specific." You see, every coach's training program seeks to elicit an adaptation. 

They want to help you change.  Unfortunately, in many cases, the adaption they get isn't "specific" to what you need to achieve. 

That's why we went deep ... and I mean deep into the science of motor learning and skill acquisition (how people learn movement skills) to create SAVAGE training.

SAVAGE is an acronym for Specific Adaptation thru Variability And Goal-directed Experience, and it's a revolution in player development.  

It's a process that involves hyper-individualized training plans that cover the entire spectrum of your training.  We'll conduct a thorough, meticulous evaluation and give you a specific step-by-step plan to help you make the specific gains you need to become everyone's favorite player. 

You can do it.  Anyone can do it.  I'm not saying it won't be hard.  It will probably be the hardest thing you've done in your life.  But, I am saying you can do it.  God doesn't make junk, and human tissue doesn't have free will. If we get the training right, your body has to adapt.  It has no choice. It cannot decide not to participate.  We will get the training right.  We get it right a lot.  Since we began, we've helped over 300 players eclipse the 90 mph pitching threshold.  Hundreds of players have earned millions in college scholarships, and in the last 3 major league baseball drafts, our students have  collected nearly $14 million in signing bonuses.  Our major league clients have inked over $140 million in guaranteed contracts. Listen to what Twins ace, Jake Odorizzi said about our work. 

Come to a weekend SAVAGE Training Camp and Get:

  • Total Body Physical Assessment by Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS
  • Video Analysis Of Your Throwing Pattern by Randy Sullivan
  • Written Individualized Training Plan
  • Video Links/Tutorials For All Prescribed Drills And Exercises 
  • SAVAGE Throwing Drills
  • SAVAGE Power Building Workouts
  • SAVAGE Strength Training
  • Movement Enhancers (Mobility/Stability)
  • Breaking Ball/Change-up Training
  • Motor Learning/Skill Acquisition Science Education 
  • Dynamic Warmups
  • Recovery Principles And Protocols
  • Personalized Rocket Fuel Nutrition Guidance
  • 30 Day Free Membership To Our Remote Durathro® Training Program (follow up video and upgraded training plans)
Notepad red black
  • Add On a Friday Night 4-Hour SAVAGE Hitting Session!

  • Video Analysis of Swing Pattern
  • Develop Adjustability 
  • Perception-Action Coupling
  • Increase Exit Velocity
  • Improve Bat Speed
  • Optimize Launch Angle 
  • Hands-on Instruction of all Corrective Hitting Drills
  • Weighted/Underload Bats
  • Download a Free SAVAGE Power Hitting E-Book:
  • floridbaseballranch.com/savagehitting

If you'd like to receive an informational packet about our incredible Weekend SAVAGE Training Boot Camps 

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