Become a "Ranch Guy"

"A game changing, life changing weekend."

Build The Tools That Attract College/Pro Scouts

  • White-Hot Velocity
  • Laser-Targeted Command
  • Nasty Secondary Stuff
  • Bulldog Mindset and Competitiveness
  • Bullet Proof Arm Health and Durability 
  • SAVAGE Hitting Power and Adaptability
Randy's Savage Training

Come to a Weekend FBR SAVAGE Training Boot Camp And Get:

  • Total Body Physical Assessment by Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS
  • Video Analysis Of Your Throwing Pattern by Randy Sullivan
  • Written Individualized Training Plan
  • Video Links/Tutorials For All Prescribed Drills And Exercises 
  • SAVAGE Throwing Drills
  • SAVAGE Power Building Workouts
  • SAVAGE Strength Training
  • Movement Enhancers (Mobility/Stability)
  • Breaking Ball/Change-up Training
  • Motor Learning/Skill Acquisition Science Education 
  • Dynamic Warmups
  • Recovery Principles And Protocols
  • Personalized Rocket Fuel Nutrition Guidance
  • 30 Day Free Membership To Our Remote Durathro® Training Program (follow up video and upgraded training plans)
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  • Add On a Friday Night 4-Hour SAVAGE Hitting Session!

    • Video Analysis of Swing Pattern
    • Develop Adjustability 
    • Perception-Action Coupling
    • Increase Exit Velocity
    • Improve Bat Speed
    • Optimize Launch Angle 
    • Hands-on Instruction of all Corrective Hitting Drills
    • Weighted/Underload Bats
    • Download a Free SAVAGE Power Hitting E-Book:
    • floridbaseballranch.com/savagehitting

Want to stay with us longer than a weekend?

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Complete Game Winter Training Program

5 hours per day, 5 days per week of the most intense training you've ever experienced!  

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