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Let the Hitting Revolution Begin!


For over 8 years, The ARMory and The Florida Baseball Ranch have been using an uncommon approach and achieving uncommon results in the throwing world. We’ve helped hundreds of injured pitchers get back to the game they love. We’ve also helped over 159 players break the 90 mph threshold for the first time in their lives. Full disclosure, I was never a pitcher… I was a catcher in college, But when my first son came out of the womb hurling rattles with his left hand, I knew I had some learning to do. I am a physical therapist, and physical therapists spend a large part of their day teaching human movement. All human movement is subject to the laws of biomechanics, kinesiology, neurophysiology and motor learning. At the Florida Baseball Ranch, physical therapy professionals work hand-in -hand with our throwing instructors to create a highly effective fusion of medical care and physical instruction. As physical therapists, we are experts at teaching movement skills, and now we’re taking that expertise in to the hitting world. I’ve been a student of hitting since I first read Ted Williams’ quintessential hitting book, The Science of Hitting back in 1984 during my junior year of college. The newfound comprehension of hitting, and a lot of hard work allowed me to become a NCAA Division 1 First Team Academic All-American, and number 6 on The Citadel’s all time career batting average leader board. According to my Coach, ABCA Hall Of Famer Chal Port:

I “led the nation in insignificant hits.”

So I had that going for me. My approach to teaching hitting has been influenced by several different mentors and instructors over the years, Mike Epstein, Ted Williams, Ron Wolforth, Steve Englishbey, Bobby Tewksbary, Mike Ryan (Fastball USA) , and Chas Pippit (Baseball Rebellion). My partner, 10 year pro hitter and 25 year high school coach, Blane Fox and I have been working hard over the past several months, and we believe we have effectively synthesized and blended this eclectic collection of hitting theorists into a cohesive motor learning-based approach to teaching hitting…
Randy Sullivan, MPT - Founder & CEO
Florida Baseball Ranch

Randy Sullivan:

Founder of The Florida Baseball Ranch, And The Battery Power Hitting System

And the results have been phenomenal. What is the most important piece of the hitting puzzle? HIT THE BALL HARD!! For that you need bat speed and exit velocity! That is exactly what we’re doing here at The Florida Baseball Ranch and The Battery!! We’re building POWER!! And POWER is RARE!! We’ve seen several students add 6-10 mph to their bat speed and their exit velocities have taken off. Our mission is to develop more 100 mph exit velocity hitters than anyone in the Southeast. The time has come for us to share that information with you.  We’ve added 2 new cages and a major league infield with about 15 ft of outfield grass, and 40’ high net walls and net ceiling. Our current students can use their training credits to sign up for hitting classes.

We Call it, The Battery!

Because it’s all about POWER BABY!!!

You’ll be able to see ball flight and you can get reps off our pitchers in real game-like situations. Of course, as usual, you’ll start with an assessment. We’ll conduct our hitter evaluations every Tuesday night at 6:00 pm. We’ll check you for all physical mobility and stability constraints, then we’ll do a video analysis of your swing. We’ll assign your corrective drills and exercises and you’ll be on your way. If you’re not currently an active student, call Amy at 866-787-4533 and let’s get you going on the path to 100 mph!!! Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!!

Now Here's The Great News!!

If you're planning on attending one of our Elite Performers Boot Camps, you can come in a day early for a 4 hour Battery Power Hitting Clinic. 

We'll conduct a hitter-specific physical assessment, and analyze your swing path, as well as your bat speed, exit velocity, and SMASH factor. Then we'll design a customized training program and teach you all the appropriate drills and exercises you'll need to execute the plan that will turn you into an offensive BEAST.

Your coaches will marvel at your improvement as they pencil you into the 3-hole on every line up card. Your teammates will be in awe of your raw power, and opposing pitchers will shutter in fear when you walk up to the plate.

Call us at the number below and we'll get you set up!

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