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Customized Programs Led By Arm Mechanics Expert, Randy Sullivan, P.T., C.S.C.S.

We are among the world leaders in developing high-level throwers and hitters with our elite pitching and hitting training. We help players increase velocity, increase hitting power and improve control and command. While developing players’ skills, we thread the needle perfectly between building arm strength and maintaining health and durability. We are the nation’s top facility for managing arm pain, reducing injury risk, rehabilitating injured throwing athletes, and virtually injury-proof baseball speed training. We have worked with some of the top pitchers in MLB and the NCAA to increase velocity and control.

Florida Baseball Ranch Has Worked With MLB Pitchers Such As Justin Verlander, Chin Ming Wang & Tyler Danish and Stand Out NCAA pitchers such as Nick Horvath. Increase your velocity without pain.

Why Us? Check The Stats:

  • Our students have signed over $10 million in college baseball scholarships
  • Last summer in the MLB draft, FBR students signed collectively more than $8.1 million in signing bonuses

We Work With:


Our pitching training will increase your velocity, improve secondary pitches and command all without without arm pain.


Our hitting training help increase bat speed, exit velocity and launch angles with unlimited live at bats against college and elite high school pitchers.


Interested in helping your son or daughter reach their full potential, as an athlete and a person or helping them recover from an injury.


Interested in helping my team improve in pitching, hitting, defense, mindset, training, and recovery, we are available to come to your facility.

Our Elite Baseball Camps & Baseball Training Programs
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Week Long Training Program (5 Days/Wk)

If you'd like us to mail you an informational packet describing our Week Long Training Program in detail.

Weekend Camps (Sat/Sun)

If you'd like us to mail you an informational packet about our  Weekend Elite Performance Boot Camps.

One Day Precision Strike 

Call us at 866-787-4533 to learn more about our Precision Strike One Day Evaluation and Training Program.

Local Pitchers & Hitters

If you live locally and are ready for world-class individualized elite thrower training, start with a Wednesday Night Group Throwing Evaluation

If you live locally and are ready for world-class individualized hitting instruction, start with a Tuesday Night Group Hitting Evaluation

Baseball Speed Training, Mechanics, & Athlete Profiles

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