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FBR Precision Strike: The Ultimate One-On-One, 1 day Evaluation and Training Experience

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Your customized evaluation, hitting or pitching training will take approximately 3-4 hours.

If you decide to do both hitting and pitching, you can count on being here about 5 – 6 hours.

What You Get:

The FBR  Precision Strike Program Will Include:

  • A full physical assessment by Randy Sullivan, a physical therapist specializing in the management and development of throwing athletes. You’ll learn what you need to do to increase velocity if you’re a pitcher and increase hitting power if you’re a hitter.

  • High-speed video biomechanical analysis and classroom education on the essence of safe, efficient and powerful throwing and/or hitting mechanics.

  • One-on-one hands on training for all assigned corrective throwing drills.

  • Hands-on training for physical corrective mobility/stability exercises.

  • A written individualized, multi-dimensional training plan for you to continue what we started in your pitching training and hitting training with us – This will help you increase hitting power, increase velocity, master hitting and pitching mechanics, and so much more!

  • Video links to: all throwing drills and/or hitting drills, corrective exercises, power building workouts, warmup routines and recovery e-book to ensure complete follow up and continuity.

  • Arm care routine and one Arm care kit (connection ball, 7 oz weighted ball and Durathro training sock) from a physical therapist specializing in eliminating arm pain in throwing athletes.


  • Rapsodo® spin assessment and pitch design training. We’ll use our NewtForce force plate sensored mound to reveal ground reaction forces as linked to 200fps video
  • 1000fps video overlay of all pitches to identify tunneling and movement characteristics.