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What can the Florida Baseball Ranch do for you?ELITE BASEBALL PITCHING CAMPS


Welcome to the Florida Baseball Ranch, my name is Randy Sullivan, I have been a practicing physical therapist and a baseball coach/pitching instructor for over 23 years, and I am… THE ARM PAIN ASSASSIN

The number one reason players drop out of the game: ARM PAIN The number one reason for lack of velocity: ARM PAIN The number one reason for lack of command: ARM PAIN The number one reason for poor recovery/inconsistent performance ARM PAIN The number one thing you must do to improve your ability and advance to the next level of the game: SOLVE YOUR ARM PAIN!!

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“No pain no gain” is a lie.

I know of no situation in rehab or player development where one must endure overt pain to improve. I’m not sure exactly where this myth began, but my guess is that it leaked from the muscle head gyms where weight lifters and bodybuilders described the burn of muscles exercised to fatigue as “pain”.

That is not pain.

Pain makes you go “ouch”.

Pain is a warning sign and an inhibitor of performance.
“Survival always trumps performance.” If you are in pain, you will not be able to safely advance. Your body and your subconscious mind will…

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