Our Players Increased Velocity Last Summer. What Did You Do?

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They say numbers don't lie, so here are our numbers. Our full summer campers increased velocity on average by 4.5 mph. Our biggest improvement by a single pitcher was 9 mph. Can you see yourself taking an 82 mph fastball and developing it into a 91 mph fastball? Then enroll in our summer camp in 2018.
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I came to the Florida Baseball Ranch this past summer while working back from Tommy John surgery looking to regain my velocity and throw pain-free.

Everyone there was extremely knowledgeable and motivating. They helped me get my velocity higher than it was before surgery and I am now pain free. Also, my command improved a ton while I was there.

I definitely recommend any pitcher who is rehabbing or simply trying to get better to come to the Florida Baseball Ranch.

Colin PocheProfessional Pitcher
Training at the Florida Baseball Ranch over the summer was by far the best decision I have ever made for my baseball career. Like everyone else after tommy John surgery, I was worried about how my velocity and command would turn out. There's always a multitude of unanswered questions after any surgery, especially as a pitcher. How will I perform after I come back? Will I have my same stuff? Will I throw harder? What will happen to my off speed? How can I prevent it from happening again? What can I do to make my arm more durable? Not to mention all the other doubts you have in the back of your head during rehab. Randy Sullivan and the Florida Baseball Ranch answered everyone of my questions and then some. The program he designed not only allowed me throw pain free, but it also made me a better pitcher at every aspect of my game. Not only did I come back sitting 91 to 92, but I was also throwing 75 to 80% strikes in my bullpens. For anyone who has had TJ, you know that's huge! If you want to play at the next level, and your willing to grind and work your ass off, there's no better place to go. Like I said, it was the best decision I ever could have made.
Cody BDivision I college pitcher

Gold Level

5 Days/Week of Intense Elite Pitcher Training (M-F)
June 4 - Aug 10 (No Training July 4)

Gold Level = 3 Hours Per Day
9 Part Multi-Level Assessment

Includes: Mindset Segment, Dynamic Warmup, Customized Throwing Plan, Power Building Workout, Arm Care Segment, Mobility Training, Scaptivation, Individualized Recovery Protocol


2 Weeks $1999

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4 Weeks $2995

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6 Weeks $3750

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8 Weeks $4595

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10 Weeks $5195

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Platinum Level


Follow The Steps Below to Upgrade to Platinum.

1. Purchase one of the GOLD Plans above.
2. Call us at 866-STRIKE3 (866-787-4533) to complete your upgrade by phone.

Titanium Level

Hey Hitters!! We've got a plan for you too!! Our Battery Power Hitting System is Live! We've taken our world class training process and applied it to the hitting universe. Spend the summer with us! Work on your arm strength, bat speed exit velocity and launch angles and get unlimited live at bats against college and elite high school pitchers on our new regulation infield with 40 ft high net walls and net roof! See The video above for more!

Titanium Level = 5 Hours/Day: Includes: All Gold Level components PLUS Hardcore Broga (yoga for dudes) AND FBR SAVAGE Customized Weight Training (add $60/day)

Add hitting for $50 per day or $30 per day if you choose Titanium Level Program (early bird discounts do not apply to FBR SAVAGE Weight Training, Hardcore BROGA, and/or Hitting Add Ons)

Follow The Steps Below to Upgrade to Titanium Level Or Hitter Add On.

1. Purchase one of the GOLD Plans above.
2. Call our CFO/COO, Amy Marsh, at 813-503-5145 to complete your upgrade by phone.
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Additional Services By Appointment

On-Site Physical Therapy Treatment By Appointment, Rocket Fuel Nutrition Meal Planning, Active Soft Tissue Release/Sports Massage


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