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A New Way Of Looking At Mechanical Efficiency in Pitching

by Randy Sullivan
Much of the training at The Florida Baseball Ranch® is based on the Dynamic Systems Theory. Within that system we try to avoid the inefficient verbal cueing that often corrupts the learning process.  In our approach, we try to use motor learning strategies that create an environment for self-organization to occur.  We use these motor learning precepts to nudge the athlete subconsciously toward more efficient movement patterns. One of the most important strategies involves stabilizing the attractors.  In every human movement, there are components that must be stable and other parts that can be variable.  The stable components are known […]

Throw Weighted Balls, Lift Heavy Stuff, and Fix Your Mechanics To Improve Velocity? It’s Not That Simple!

by Randy Sullivan
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Let’s suppose you have a friend and he’s sick – let’s even pretend he’s in the ICU… dying of something (make sure it’s a pretend friend… using one of your actual friends would be kind of creepy). Let’s say you know this guy well. You know he eats right and exercises consistently. He seems to have a healthy lifestyle, but still… there he is. From what you know about this guy, he should be the healthiest cat on the planet. But he’s dying. What could be the reason for his illness? Perhaps it’s a combination of the things you don’t […]