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Hitting and Chick-Fil-A Sauce: More Is Not Better

by Randy Sullivan
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I’ve never met a single person who doesn’t like Chick-fil-a.   Indeed, if you’re not a fan of Chick-fil-a, I don’t think we can hang out together. I love it. And their customer service is impeccable. I love how at the end of every exchange they close with “It’s my pleasure.” I think that is the coolest corporate culture concept ever. I had a high school pitcher in a few months ago for a Precision Strike, and when I thanked him for allowing me the privilege of working with him…

Chicks Dig The Long Ball

by Randy Sullivan
I was not a pitcher in college. I was a catcher at a small NCAA Division 1 School, The Citadel — the only military academy ever to make it to a college world series (of course they did it in 1990, 4 years after I graduated, but thats a different story). Actually, I began my collegiate career as a below average shortstop who couldn’t field groundballs. I moved behind the played during the fall of my junior year in college. The first game I ever caught was opening day that year against Clemson. My…