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Frans Bosch is among the world leaders in the application of biomechanics, and motor learning science to sports performance.  Since 1980 Bosch has worked in athletics, coaching elite sprinters and Olympic high jumpers and for some years as the national coach for jumping events.  Since 2005 Bosch has been a lecturer at the Fontys University for applied sciences in sports, mainly in the field of anatomy, biomechanics, strength training and motor learning.

Bosch has given numerous presentations and courses internationally on training related topics. Presentations address the complexity of the training process and the need to integrate new fields of science like dynamic systems and new ideas on motor control in existing training theory.

Bosch frequently works internationally as a consultant in sport. Clients in recent years are the English Institute of Sports, Wales National Team Rugby, the British & Irish Lions, Japan National Team Rugby, England cricket, Westham United football, Cleveland Brown (American Football) Sydney Swans(AFL) and others.

Together with Ronald Klomp he wrote Running: Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology Applied in Practice”, published in the Netherlands in 2001 and translated in English in 2005.

Strength Training and Coordination: An Integrated Approach which was published in the Netherlands in 2012 and translated into English in 2015 and French and Japanese in 2018, an is anticipated to be converted to Korean and Chinese in 2019.

Rob Gray, through his writings and his highly acclaimed Perception-Action Podcast, has been sharing leading edge, skill acquisition science with coaches, and academics alike for years and he’s considered a leading authority in motor learning, perception-action, and motor control.  A professor of behavioral science at Arizona State University, he is considered by his peers in the academic world to be one of the go-to experts in the field of motor learning and skill acquisition.  And as it turns out, he has an insatiable fondness for the sport of baseball where much of his published research has been directed. Rob has published research papers in multiple peer-reviewed behavioral psychology journals.  On his podcast, he regularly provides clear and concise summaries of the available science in ways that make it seem more simple to enact on a day-to-day basis.

Ron Wolforth first introduced the US baseball community to the idea of motor learning, skill acquisition and dynamic systems theory when he hosted Frans Bosch for at the 2015 Texas Baseball Ranch® Ultimate Coaches Boot Camp in 2015.  Ron has been at the forefront of the application of the science in developing and refining the skills of some of the most highly performing athletes in the game.  His students at The Texas Baseball Ranch® have included Justin Verlander, Trevor Bauer, Barry Zito, Chien-Ming Wang, Erik Johnson, Tyson Ross, and CJ Wilson among others.  Wolforth has written several books and produced instructional videos on baseball training, which have included The Athletic Pitcher, A Parent’s Survival Guide: For The Parents of An Elite Pitcher, The Combat Pitcher. He has appeared on ESPN, CBS Sports and has been featured in publications such as Men’s Journal, Baseball Digest, and Baseball America.

Martijn Nijhoff is the Director of Talent Development for Dutch Baseball and Softball and he trained under Frans Bosch himself. Martijn is also a lecturer and a teacher of biomechanics and motor learning at The Fontys University in the Netherlands. He is a world-renowned perception-action and skill acquisition expert and has become the skill acquisition savant in the Dutch Baseball ogranizaion.  Martijn has been instrumental in organizing a team of master coaches, teachers, medical providers and scientists who have systematically applied the principles of DST and skill acquisition science to player development.  Martijn’s knowledge, experience, and efforts have helped The National Team of The Kingdom of The Netherlands ascend to a top 4 world-ranking, despite having a pool of fewer than 200,000 players from which to choose.

Paul Venner is the head of Strength and Conditioning for Dutch Baseball and also trained under Frans Bosch. He is widely regarded as one of the leading dynamic systems theory experts in the strength and conditioning business.  Paul is also the inventor and founder of Ultimate Instability, a company dedicated to creating training products and protocols to assist coaches in applying the Dynamic Systems Theory to athletes’ training.  His work in using variability of stimulus to train co-contraction at key points in the throwing and hitting motions have allowed athletes to naturally remove muscle slack naturally and has been vital to the development of the current crop of Dutch players.  Paul’s athletes have consistently added functional strength that has transferred to improved performance on the field.

Bart Hanegraaff is the hitting coach for Dutch Baseball and also trained directly under Frans Bosch. Through exhaustive research and biomechanical analysis, Bart has identified the key attractors in hitting and has developed a highly refined process for applying the principles of skill acquisition science to training highly gifted hitters.  He has been instrumental in helping Dutch Baseball and Softball Players to improve their offensive output.  As a hitting coach, he is nearly unparalleled in his ability to design practice environments and activities that provide just the right feedback to allow Dutch Softball and Baseball hitters to ascend to levels of offensive prowess never before seen.   He uses a combination of skill acquisition techniques such as stabilizing attractors by forcing co-contraction to eliminate muscle slack and allow the athlete to express power.

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS has been on a personal quest for excellence in teaching and applying DST principles to the training protocols of throwers and hitters at The Florida Baseball Ranch® since being completely blown away by Frans Bosch’s presentation in Texas in 2015. Randy has written seven books on baseball training including Start With The Pain: The Complete Guide To Managing Arm Pain In The Elite Throwing Athlete, the only comprehensive guide to offer a revolutionary self-organization model for managing pain. He recently published FBR SAVAGE: Transferring Gains From the Gym To The Gamea training a book and video that dispels many of the dangerous, “false hustle” myths about strength training in baseball.  SAVAGE is a system for The results manifest by our students speak for themselves (over $12 million in signing bonuses in the last 2 years and millions more in college scholarship money). Randy has worked with major leaguers, Justin Verlander, Mark Lowe, Chien-Ming Wang, Kyle Gibson, Austin Adams, DJ Mitchell, as well as first-round draft picks, Alex Faedo, and Logan Gilbert along with hundreds of other highly performing “Ranch Guys” from around the world.

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