Little League World Series Star’s Arm Pain Eliminated at FBR

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When 13 year old Cole Wagner of Red Land, PA walked into my office I really didn’t know he was a big deal.

His mom and dad were with him and, to their credit, they didn’t lead with his resume.

According to Cole’s parents, he had enjoyed a very successful and fun-filled 12-year old summer, but when he moved up to the big field, his elbow began to hurt.

His dad, 1994 first round draft pick Bret Wagner, reported that Cole had been shutdown for the entire 2016 spring and summer.

Two innings into his 13 year-old season, Cole began experiencing lateral elbow pain. He rested and did some physical therapy, but every time he tried to return to throwing, it hurt. Cole and his parents were perplexed.

After a few email exchanges, Cole and his family flew down for a Precision Strike One Day, One on One Evaluation and Training Session.

As always we started with an interview about his pain/injury history, then we conducted a full head to toe physical assessment and a high-speed video analysis of his throwing pattern.

During the evaluation, we found several physical and biomechanical constraints that were contributing to his pain and showed him targeted drills and exercises to eliminate them.

Within an hour he was pumping pain-free lasers and smiling from ear to ear.

As they were leaving, his mom and dad casually mentioned that Cole been having a frustrating summer, which was in stark contrast to the previous year when he had the time of his life playing on national television with his friends.

It turns out Cole was a star pitcher and hitter for the Red Land Little League World Series team that won the US National Championship.

Remember that moment during last year’s Little League World Series when the young pitcher on the mound gave up that monster grand slam and had this priceless reaction?

Ok, so Cole was the guy who hit the  ball.

He also dominated on the  mound  throwing 75 mph  fuzz  balls while  leading  his         team to  glory.

That’s when it hit me that Cole  was  indeed  “kind of a big  deal.”

He’s pseudo-famous and adjusting well, but I can tell  you first-hand that the last   thing in the world Cole wants is more attention. He is one of the most humble and unassuming 13 year-olds you’ll ever meet.

He’s every coaches dream and the kind of kid you’d want your daughter to marry.

And oh yeah… he’s a pretty good baseball player too!

Last week, Cole’s dad sent me a link to an article in Pennsylvania paper outlining highlighting his struggles, his recovery, and his resurgence.

Cole is now healthy, pain free, and having a blast playing the game he loves.

According to the news story:

“(Cole) had a rough 13-year-old year,” his father, Bret Wagner, said Tuesday, two days before the start of this year’s World Series.Wagner tossed just two innings following the World Series

Bret Wagner said his son has not thrown in a game since.

“It was really hard just because I didn’t know what the problem was,” Cole Wagner said.

And, after taking a trip to the Florida Baseball Ranch to work with pitching coach Randy Sullivan during his hiatus from the mound, things are looking up for Wagner’s pitching prospects once more.

“We identified some things he could be doing differently,” Bret Wagner said. “Within a 15-to-20-minute session, his arm pain was gone. It was all mechanical stuff that we cleared up.”

Here at The Florida Baseball Ranch we couldn’t be more thrilled for Cole and his family. His story is why we are here, and helping guys like Cole is my calling in life.

But there’s another hidden story here:

For years, Little League has been the torch-bearer for limiting pitch counts. Their intentions are genuine and they’ve done a remarkable job pounding the drum for the safety of their players.

But the assumption among the most highly respected experts is that work load/overuse is the primary cause of all throwing injuries.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before:

“These kids throw too much”…

“We have to protect them from their parents and coaches”

“It’s basically child abuse.”

Well… I hate to be the one to point out the emperor’s clothing choices…


Cole Wagner spent the entirety of last spring and summer pitching under the umbrella of those rigid limits, and he still got hurt.

Since the advent of strict pitch/innings limits over the past 10-12 years, the number of injuries to pitchers has actually increased.

The message is clear.






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