When recruiters and scouts ignore you, it hurts. 

The only way to avoid getting ignored is to develop the tools they want to see.

  • Throw hard.
  • Throw strikes.
  • Throw healthy.

  • Hit hard.
  • Hit far.
  • Hit often.

FBR SAVAGE Training Will Build Those Tools.

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Randy's Savage Training

You're probably wondering how we're going to help you, specifically. 

Well, the key word there is "specific." 

Every training program seeks to elicit an adaptation. Unfortunately, in many cases, the adaption isn't "specific" to what you need to achieve. That's why we went deep  (and I mean deep) into the science of motor learning and skill acquisition (how people learn movement skills) to create SAVAGE Training.  SAVAGE is an acronym for Specific Adaptation thru VariabilitAnd Goal-directed Experiences, and it's a revolution in player development.  We'll conduct a thorough, evaluation and give you a step-by-step plan.  We'll use our data-driven, technologically advanced process to guide you through daily training to improve your mobility, mechanics, strength, power, arm care, nutrition, and recovery.  We'll be the one-stop-shop for everything you need. Coaches will love you. Recruiters and scouts will want to sign you.  You'll win more games.  You might even get more dates.  And, you'll enter every game feeling like you're the best player on the field.

We work with hitters too! 

We took our world class SAVAGE training process and developed a hitter training program that is second to none.  Scouts and recruiters want guys that hit balls hard, hit them far, and hit them often.  Our SAVAGE Power Hitting System will help you become that guy. 

Local pitchers and hitters, call us at 866-787-4533 for and schedule an initial evaluation.

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  • Our founder and CEO, Randy Sullivan wears a bunch of hats
  • Physical Therapist
  • Baseball Instructor
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Paid Player Development Consultant to MLB teams
  • Public Speaker
  • Author
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Randy and our CFO/COO, Amy Marsh have been business partners for over 25 years.  This dynamic duo has assembled a team of the finest instructors, data analysts, and customer service professionals in the baseball training industry.  The FBR team seamlessly executes the most advance, hyper-individualized, and highly effective training process in the baseball training industry.  

Randy Writes ... A Lot

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