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Why We Don’t Run Long Distances

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“Did you throw your bullpen?” “Yessir.” “Good. Now go run your poles while I work with the infielders.” Given the amount of research available on the topic, I am always amazed in a camp when I say, “Raise your hand if part of your practice involves running poles.” Incredibly, approximately 60% of the attendees still raise their hands. Repetition is the key to learning Repetition is the key to learning So let’s go over this again… It sort of makes sense on the surface. Pitchers…

Chicks Dig The Long Ball

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I was not a pitcher in college. I was a catcher at a small NCAA Division 1 School, The Citadel — the only military academy ever to make it to a college world series (of course they did it in 1990, 4 years after I graduated, but thats a different story). Actually, I began my collegiate career as a below average shortstop who couldn’t field groundballs. I moved behind the played during the fall of my junior year in college. The first game I ever caught was opening day that year against Clemson. My…