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The Key To Moving Up In Baseball

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There are no Freaks. No One Has A Ceiling. The Right Baseball Training Camps Prove That! Let’s face it. No matter how far you get in this game… Whether you make it all the way to the hall of fame or fizzle out in Little League, when it’s all said and done, we all become beer league softball players. If you love baseball and your desire is to play for as long as you can, you need to keep earning one thing… A jersey. As long as you have a jersey, you have a chance. When you’re in middle…

Introducing SAVAGE Baseball Training Programs (Excerpt… Muscle Slack Explained and Applied)

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We recently shot the video and the still photos for my new book that will be out later this month. The book is called FBR SAVAGE Training: Transferring Gains From The Gym To The Field. Why do we call it “SAVAGE” training? “SAVAGE is an admittedly clunky acronym for Specific Adaptation thru Variability, Attractors, and Goal-directed Exercise. And… the word “SAVAGE” sounds really cool! Baseball training programs need to be practical and gains you realize at the gym aren’t worth much…