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How To Throw 95 Without Getting Hurt

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Did you see the 2018 MLB Allstar Game? If you did, then you noticed one common denominator on both sides of the ball — POWER! On the offensive side, there were twenty hits — 10 homers.  And on the mound, every pitcher was bringing straight fuel! Here are the maximum velocities of every pitcher in the game. Sale 100.7 mph Vazquez 99.9 Diaz 99.4 Foltynewicz 99.0 Severino 98.9 Treinen 98.9 deGrom 98.8 Scherzer 98.5 Snell 98.2 Jeffress 98.1 Morton 97.9 Jimenez 97.5 Hader 97 Berrios 96.9…

Welcome To TWITs Anonymous

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Welcome to TWITs anonymous. My name is Randy Sullivan, and I am a recovering TWIT coach. For years my coaching style involved a traditional style that has come to be popularly known as TWIT Coaching. Oh, you haven’t heard about TWIT coaching? Let me explain: Here’s the basic formula for TWIT coaching: T:  We Tell the player how to perform a skill (maybe even demonstrate it.) W: We Watch him do it. I:   We stop Immediately Inform of all the things he did wrong. T: Then we Tell him…