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How We Individualize Workload To Decrease Injury Risk And Maximize Performance Gains

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To become an elite throwing athlete, you need to throw … a lot. Quick, off the top of your head, name me one skill in life where becoming elite at that skill involves … NOT DOING THAT SKILL. You want to be a great guitar player? Sure.  Here’s what you do …  Don’t play guitar too much. Save your bullets. Take three months off every year to give your body time to recover. You want to be a great chemist? Ok, listen up. Whatever you do …  Don’t do too much chemistry  …

Anatomy Of A Pitcher’s Hip Hinge: First Move Nuance

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In 2019, we concluded a ground reaction force study of 500 pitchers using a NewtForce sensored mound. This incredible new technology is the brainchild of a team of aeronautical engineers led by NewtForce CEO, Kyle Barker. Unlike typical force plates plagued by slippage and measurement error, the NewtForce mound uses an array of embedded sensors to measure and display ground reaction forces in real-time. It's linked to 200 fps video, which allows us to identify the specific movement variables that…