Debilitating Pain to Pain Free and + 4mph In 6 Weeks At FBR Baseball Training Programs

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Jared Mathweson had concluded his freshman campaign at Mars Hill University in North Carolina with an impressive 3-1 record and a 3.26 ERA in 38.2 innings pitched. Not a bad start to his career, but Jared wanted more.

He registered for our Elite Performer’s Boot Camp scheduled for June 17th and 18th, 2017 looking to get a plan to boost his velocity.

But that plan seemed to be in jeopardy on June 6th when for the first time in his life Jared felt pain on the inside of his elbow during his summer league game. When he woke up the next morning, he was in severe pain and couldn’t straighten his arm. He rested for 3 days and on June 10th, he tried to throw a bullpen. After only 10 pitches, his pain became unbearable. He shut it down and his father called FBR CFO/COO, Amy Marsh. They were concerned about 2 things: 1) Jared was having arm pain unlike anything he had experienced before. 2) They were worried that they would have to miss the upcoming FBR Elite Performer’s Boot Camp. Amy scheduled a conference call with the Mathewson family and I. During that call I told Jared and his parents that given his current pain, it was imperative that he come to the camp. “This is not what we want, but if it had to happen, the timing is perfect. I can’t wait to work with him this weekend.”

Jared, his mother and his mother and father made the trek to Plant City, FL. He was able to make 2 modest effort throws for the video, but reported 7/10 pain in his elbow. However, when he threw in the Durathro® Training Sock with a 7 oz ball, he felt no pain

At the end of the camp weekend, I issued Jared a 25-day throwing protocol that included a series of corrective throwing drill that included the use of a connection ball between his forearm and biceps and began with 5 sock throws to every baseball throw.

Jared and his family stayed after the camp for over an hour to meet privately with our entire team. During the meeting we outlined the entire training plan, from his throwing plan to his mobility program, and his conditioning program. “I am optimistic.” I said. “If you can throw in the sock without pain we have hope.” At the end of the meeting Jared made it clear to all in the room that he was committed to the process.

Jared returned home and went to work. He executed the prescribed program to the tee, toiling away in his basement without oversight. At the end of 25 days, he called and exclaimed, “I am pain free and I am ready to progress.”

I was overjoyed!

Jared decided to attend the Florida Baseball Ranch Summer Training Program for 2 weeks. After his initial evaluation, he grinded out 5-hours per day, 5 days per week. He intensely soaked in the mind set segments that start at 8:00 am each morning. He worked his revised throwing program with precision. He performed a daily dynamic power building workout, committed to giving 100% effort with each rep. He focused on his customized mobility program. He progressed well in his individualized FBR functional weight lifting program. He locked in during Broga (yoga for dudes), and he was diligent with his arm care/cooldown.   He was “ALL IN.”

And guess what? This outstanding young athlete is now throwing with no pain and his velo is increasing. By eliminating his arm pain and connecting his delivery, he has seen a 4 mph increase in velocity, and he hasn’t even started his velocity specific training program yet!

He had a perma-grin during his exit interview. He was proud of his progress and he we gave him a new throwing program to continue his growth as he returns home.

Jared was kind enough to record this video about his experience at FBR this summer

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Randy Sullivan, MPT,CSCS
CEO, Florida Baseball Ranch

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