FBR Complete Game Summer/Winter Training Program

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We get this question a lot:

What is the typical day of training like in our summer and winter training programs?

This is your FBR Complete Game Summer/Winter Program Agenda

On the first day, our staff evaluates every attendee across a wide spectrum of variables.  Each athlete will undergo a thorough physical assessment using our innovative 3D – Baseball Ranch Assessment Tool. 

Every athlete sits down with me for a frame by frame-by-frame high-speed video analysis of his throwing and/or hitting mechanics.  Every athlete completes a pain audit, which includes a through medical history and injury report.  They complete a command assessment, get a baseline velocity reading, a Rapsodo evaluation to identify spin and carry characteristics, a Motus® stress/arm slot/arm speed report, an initial MuscleSound® and a FBR SAVAGE Strength and Coordination evaluation. Hitters also receive a separate assessment under our “Body, Bat, Ball” evaluation system that includes 4D-motion®, Blast® and Rapsodo®.

Once the evaluations are complete, the data will be analyzed and will serve as the template for each player’s individualized training protocol.  That plan includes customized  3D BRAT movement enhancers, a throwing training, preparation, and recovery schedule, a SAVAGE strength training program, and a nutrition guide. 

Each training plan is entered into our database and is made available on I-Pads positioned throughout the complex.

On Tuesday at 8:00 the relentless pursuit of greatness begins.  It starts with a mindset segment — a brief motivational presentation about various parts of the now famous #ranchguy culture. 

Next we start one of seven different dynamic warmup routines.  

After the warmup is complete, we spread out across the complex for the execution of each individual throwing plan.  Depending on each customized plan, and pitcher might work on connection, command, ramp-up, velo, off-speed, pitch design, recovery, long toss or facing live hitters.  Training plans are individualized based on the video analysis and the student’s goals.

As their throwing routines are complete each guy begins his recovery routine which could include MarcPro, Rocket Wrap, foam rolling, manual therapy, and/or therapeutic exercise. During the recovery period, each player completes the throwing portion of his daily training log, recording the number of warmup throws made, training, throws, bullpens, command data, and velo numbers, while noting any pain he might have experienced. Our staff reviews the logs daily and uses the information to modulate the training plan as needed.

Next, it’s time for our high intensity SAVAGE power workout. The athletes organize around 12-15 different stations, performing four assigned exercises at each station.  They’re asked to move as fast as possible during each exercise, which begins and ends with a timer beep set for 8, 10, or 12 seconds. All of the exercises are accomplished in 4 patterns (FORD) frontal plane, one leg, rotational, and diagonal and the movement is directed toward a target or goal (the G in SAVAGE).

Now we advance to individualized movement enhancement exercises with progression that are scripted based on the individual findings from the BRAT assessment.  These exercise movements represent the fundamental building blocks of the athleticism required for high level performance.  The BRAT enhancers blend in nicely with SAVAGE. 

When the BRAT movement enhancers are completed, the students grab the iPads, look up their file, and briefly review their daily plan before diving into their SAVAGE heavy strengthening plan.  They baseball specific individualized strength training using our SAVAGE 5-Star rating system.

To end the day, we bring in our SAVAGE Yoga instructor for a course we call Hardcore BROGA (yoga for dudes).  She takes the guys through a series of yoga poses and transitions.  The moves are modified to sync with the movements we make in our 3D BRAT enhancers and our SAVAGE FORD principles.

Our hitters then take a lunch break and come back for an hour of SAVAGE hitter training in our one-of-a-kind launch angle cage.  We BLAST, Rapsodo® and K-Motion as well as a leading edge Constraints Led Approach, differential learning and other skill acquisition-based science to produce adaptable SAVAGE Power Hitters.  If you want to learn all about our SAVAGE Power Hitting System approach to training, CLICK HERE and download our free E-book that reveals it all.

After ramping up for a couple of weeks a couple of weeks our pitchers and hitters face off in live at bats.

Sometime the pitchers get the best of the hitters.

And sometimes the hitters win.

And every once in a while we just have a little fun.

On Fridays, a handful of departing Ranch Guys sit down with me for their individual out brief.  We review, in meticulous detail, every aspect of each player’s training plan, and enroll them in our remote training program.  Over the next several months, players send in video and join us for one-on-one coaching calls that will ensure they continue progressing toward their goals.

Every Monday, a new group of wide-eyed hopefuls arrive and we repeat the process.

Call us at 866-787-4533 or CLICK HERE to register.

Early Bird Discount expires April 15, 2019.

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS
CEO, Florida Baseball Ranch

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