Students From FBR Baseball Training Programs Rake in $8.042 Million In Signing Bonuses In 2017 MLB Draft

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Cape Cod League Is Where It’s At

Last week I saw a tweet announcing the top 25 prospects of the Cape Cod League. I clicked on the link and was thrilled with what I saw.

I’ve said this before and it ruffled some feathers then, so it probably will again. In my humble opinion, if your collegiate summer league doesn’t include the Word’s Cape and Cod in its name, it may be a waste of time. But, the Cape Cod League is the real deal. Nowhere else can a young man test his mantle against the best amateur talent in the world. And from the standpoint of exposure to high-level professional decision makers, there is nothing like it. Show out in the Cape and you could set yourself up to make a lot of money in a future MLB draft.

Logan Gilbert & Austin Bergner

Two long-time Florida Baseball Ranch®/ARMory students, Logan Gilbert and Austin Bergner came into our baseball training camps at numbers 2 and 4 respectively. Their ascent is a credit to their uncommon work ethic and their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Logan has been training at our baseball training camps since before his junior year in high school. After overcoming some initial elbow pain, he has developed into a dominating presence on the mound. Flashing a 95-97 mph fastball, The Stetson University flamethrower was named the 2017 Atlantic Sun Pitcher of the Year. He ended the year at for his Orleans team with a 31-4 strikeout to walk ratio in 31.1 innings and a 1.72 ERA.

According to his dad, “Logan is a walking billboard for the Florida Baseball Ranch®/ARMory baseball training camps. When anyone asks how he does it, we say he trains at the Florida Baseball Ranch®.”

I have coached and trained #4 prospect, Austin Bergner through our baseball training camps and individual training sessions since he was 9 years old. For many year,s he rode with my youngest son and I to and from late night practices. He was on a team of local kids we took to the 12u AAU National baseball training camps lead to greatnessChampionship and an appearance in the second annual National Youth Baseball Championship tournament. Austin is a consummate learner and a genuinely good guy. He has always been willing to “pay it forward,” acting as a guest instructor at several of our weekend boot camps and traveling with our FBR team on baseball training camp Roadshows. The North Carolina Tarheel’s fastball has also been up to 97 mph and he finished his summer with a 1.16 ERA and a 30-11 strike out to walk ratio and a nearly a 69 percent strike rate.

These 2 young men are almost certainly poised to go very high in the 2018 MLB and I couldn’t be happier for them.

MLB Players Who Started At The Ranch

Their bright futures got me to thinking about the dozens of amateur players who have trained at our baseball training camps and have gone on to play professionally. I’ve never taken the time to count them all, but it’s quite a few. Coming up with an accurate number of “Ranch guys” who have become pros is difficult for a number of reasons and it would probably be a senseless exercise in futility. I’ve never taken the time to do it, because for me it has always been more about building relationships with individuals and celebrating their successes at our baseball training camps and in their teams, as opposed to racking up numbers.

Nonetheless, today my curiosity got the best of me, so I took a stroll through the 2017 MLB Draft. When defining “Ranch guys” as those who had trained at our baseball training camps or did individual training for at least 8 sessions at some time in their history, FBR/ARMory students raked in a whopping $8,042,000 in signing bonuses in the last draft.
That’s pretty good, right?
To be clear, I’m not claiming that FBR was the only reason for their success, but I am thrilled to think we played at least some part.

If they keep on their current path, Logan and Austin will certainly add to that number next year and no one will be more deserving.

MLB Players Are No Different Than you

Here’s what I know. Guys like Austin and Logan… and all the other Ranch guys who have achieved their dreams… they’re no different than anyone else.
They don’t have some superior genetic gift.
They aren’t “freaks.”
They weren’t born with any special superhuman talent.
They’re just like you.

What they have is a burning desire to achieve their dreams and the relentless work ethic necessary to pursue them.

Logan and Austin have been the consummate Florida Baseball Ranch® students.
They learned a process…
They tailored their plan to meet their specific needs…
They executed it with the precision of a laser guided missile…
And they have made all the required adjustments along the way.

You can do the same thing.

The beginning of your rise to greatness is only one phone call away.

Call us at 866-STRIKE3 (866-787-4533) and let’s get you started on the relentless pursuit of your dreams.

You never know, it could be a million dollar call.

See you at The Ranch.

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