Five Words to Describe an Efficient Delivery

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A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from Andy McKay, the director of player development for the Seattle Mariners. He said, “Randy, I’m calling all the best pitching minds I know.”

I said, “Oh, so you have the wrong number?”

He chuckled and asked me this question:

“Can you, off the top of your head, give me 5 key words you would use to describe an efficient pitching delivery.”

The question caught me off guard a little, but I’ve always heard that if you can’t describe what you do in 1 or 2 sentences, then you don’t really know what you’re doing.

So I took a breath and pretty much stream of conscious replied,

1) Pain Free

2) Connected

3) Synchronized

4) Athletic

5) Aggressive

As I looked at the list I thought “Not bad.” Let’s look at these a little closer.

  • Pain free: It all starts with pain. No pain, no gain is a lie. I know of no situation in rehabilitation or training/development where one must endure pain to see improvements. For us, pain is neither good nor bad, it is simply information – a beacon that lights the way to dysfunction. If you tell us where you hurt, we can identify to most likely contributors to that pain. But if you are in pain, it will be very difficult to improve your ability
  • Connected: Connection occurs when all the moving parts of the delivery are working together to generate momentum. When body parts begin working independently, they tend to break down. In an efficient connected delivery, the lower half and the upper half are working in unison to propel the ball. When you’re connected, it’s easy to throw hard, it’s easy to throw strikes, and it’s easy to throw without pain. Velocity, command and arm health do not have to be mutually exclusive. The same variables affect them all.
  • Synchronized: Timing and synergy of all the moving parts is vital to the delivery. Timing must be trained subconsciously through indirect learning/guided discovery. You can’t “tell” someone to improve their timing… they must feel it without conscious thought.
  • Athletic: Let’s face it. Over the past 20 years well meaning coaches and instructors, in their quest to teach “perfect” mechanics have created an army of robotic, un-athletic pitchers. If I had a nickel for every potential client I talked to on the phone whose father or mother reported that their son has “perfect mechanics”… There is no such thing as “perfect mechanics.” And the unicorn known as a “repeatable delivery” does not exist. Every pitch is a snowflake, unique unto itself. Every pitch will result in a subtle error or deviation that must be corrected subconsciously in real time. You get that by training with variable stimulus through differential learning… and NOT THROUGH VERBAL CUES!!
  • Aggressive: Ranch pitchers do not nibble. Our new Florida Baseball Ranch T-Shirts have one phrase on the back… “POUND THE ZONE”… We work hard to develop electric stuff (velocity, movement, spin and command) then we ATTACK RELENTLESSLY, POUNDING THE STRIKE ZONE with our best stuff on every pitch. We are proactive, not reactive, applying constant pressure to create the most uncomfortable at bats hitters have ever experienced.

So what are you thoughts?

Did we miss anything?

Does this describe your approach to pitching and/or training?

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Randy Sullivan, MPT

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