Lightning Delays: The Myth Of Travel Ball Exposure

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It was the fall of 1999 when my son and I first experienced travel baseball.

He had been playing in our local Little League for a few years and I was deeply involved in coaching him and his friends. I really had no idea what this travel ball thing was all about. In our area there were only about 5 teams to choose from and one of them was looking for a pitcher. Ty was a lefty who could throw strikes and he had a good changeup.

I  liked the unbridled nature of travel ball, the freedom of self-scheduling and the possibility of coaching a group of talented kids over several years, so I gathered up some guys and a few coaches from our local park and we got to work.

Within a few years I was deeply entrenched in the travel ball scene,  leading teams for all 3 of my sons from 14u down to sstagging8u. By the time my 3rd son came through, I had learned a lot of valuable lessons and we got pretty good. We took a group of 7 year olds, practiced 2-33 days per week, gradually ramped up the volume and competitive level of our games, and by the time they were 12, we won the AAU National Championship.

It was pretty cool.

We had the opportunity to play in The MLB Network’s National Youth Baseball Championship where we made the semifinals before getting thrashed by a bunch of man-child monsters from Spring, Texas.

As the years progressed, I began to notice a disturbing trend in the travel ball culture. The free-market nature that had been the catalyst of travel ball’s success and value had become corrupted. This led to a degradation of quality and integrity on both ends of the competitive spectrum.

As people began to view travel teams as money-making opportunities, the more competitive teams dove headlong into the recruiting scene — even covering travel expenses, uniforms, and membership fees to lure the most highly skilled players to their organizations. Meanwhile, the “participation trophy” culture led to a proliferation of teams stocked with players who weren’t skilled enough to be playing above the recreational level. The talent became diluted and soon the quality of play was no better than your average Little League..

Now, nearly 20 years later, travel ball has become a cash cow and it’s here to stay. What used to be an exciting opportunity for more skilled players to test their wares against the best competition available has become an illusion. Players of inferior ability and their well-meaning parents and coaches sucked into the subculture of the system spend their summers bouncing through a cavalcade of tournaments and showcase events in a nomadic and desperate quest for “exposure” to college recruiters. But, the vast majority of them don’t have the ability to attract the looks they desire.

They end up wasting 10s of thousands of dollars over the summer and they come home exhausted, broke, and not one iota better than they were before the summer began. It’s what I call “the travel ball smoke and mirrors magic show,” and it has deceived more families than I can count. Their FOMO (fear of missing out) causes them to buy into myth that they must join the circus to get “exposure”

What they get is EXPOSED!

EXPOSED to college recruiters as non-candidates with average or inferior ability… EXPOSED with arm strength and hitting power below that of their competitive peer group… EXPOSED to mental stress, anguish and disappointment.

It’s sad…

But it doesn’t have to be…

If your velocity is already 3-5mph ahead of your competitive peer group, you should play travel ball and show off your ability this summer.

If you’re already blasting balls out of the park with elite level exit velocities and launch angles, you should play travel ball this summer.

And if you truly have an unwavering desire to sit in your car enduring countless Fort Myers lightning delays, then you SHOULD play travel baseball this summer.

But if not, you’re wasting your time and money.

Take those resources and reinvest them on yourself.

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Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS

CEO, Florida Baseball Ranch

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