New Technology Prevents Tommy John!

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So… this happened.

We got our new Muscle Sound Unit and the company training rep,  Cedar, flew in from Colorado for a day of staff education. We’re really excited about this new technology.  It uses ultrasound to quickly test the fuel level of muscles, allowing us, for the first time ever, to objectively  measure recovery and readiness for competition.  It checks the athlete’s muscles for adequate levels of glycogen and a few other muscle fuel substrates.

Muscles that are fuel deficient look different on ultrasound imaging than muscles whose tanks are full. With a little training, and a highly sophisticated computer algorithm, we can clearly and objectively assess the recovery and readiness of our athletes. Until now, if we wanted to determine recovery or readiness, the only option we had was the player’s subjective self-report…

“Uh… hey Jimmy. How does your arm feel today?”…

Frankly, that is not good. And, we’ve known it for a long time.

That all changed for us with Muscle Sound.

Putting Muscle Sound To Use

After arriving at 7:45 am and working with us all day,  Cedar said goodbye and left to hop a plane back to Denver. She was barely gone a minute when one of our local high school players (I’ll call him Connor — not his real name) came in and said, “Hey coach, I want to velo today.” I had a couple of problems with that request. First, just 3 weeks ago, Connor had complained of medial elbow pain which he said had appeared after a max effort golf swing divot at Top Golf.  It seemed to be feeling better as of late, but still I was suspicious.

Second Connor’s high school season practices are beginning in a week… Getting a little close to be pushing velo in my opinion. Now is the time to start honing in on skill and execution of pitches.

Thankfully, we had a new option.

We performed an Ad Hoc Muscle Fuel Evaluation on his forearm flexor muscles. These muscles have been identified as major stabilizers of the elbow in support of the UCL. One could reason that a fatigued or glycogen depleted forearm mass could put a player at risk for UCL injury.

The Muscle Sound system scores the fuel level of a muscle on a 0-100 scale. A score of 80 is considered a full tank. 50-60 is adequate. Connor scored a 17 — ridiculously low!

Sleep and nutrition are the biggest contributors to muscle fuel levels, so we asked Connor if he had gotten a lot of sleep as of late.  “Man, I only slept 2 hours last night. I was playing Fortnite (a video game) until 4 am.”

“What have you eaten today?” We asked.

“I had a glass of milk and some Toast Chee crackers for lunch.” He replied.

“Holy cow dude! You are not even going to think about pushing velo today! You need to do a recovery day, then go home  and get some carbs and some rest.”

This whole episode got me thinking. How many times in the past have we missed something like this, allowing fatigued players to push velo when they were fuel deficient?  And what could have happened to Connor if we hadn’t done the Muscle Sound test? Does throwing at max effort with fuel-depleted musculature sound like a good idea?

Well, now we have a way to know.

As far as I know, no other baseball training facility in the country is using this leading edge technology. It’s all a part of our efforts to continue finding innovative ways to help our players thread the needle perfectly between safety and development.

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Ask for the Premium Level and we’ll perform a full body comp and muscle readiness Muscle Sound evaluation. We’ll also do a Rapsodo spin rate and pitch design assessment.

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Execute your plan and you’ll see your velocity sky-rocket (average gains of 4.5 mph over 8 weeks) . Your command and your secondary stuff will also improve  (average improvements of 13% strikes in 8 week). And you’ll bulletproof your arm while becoming the most durable and reliable pitcher on your staff.

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But we can’t get you there over the phone.

You gotta get here!

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It will be the best decision of your baseball career.

See you at The Ranch

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS

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