Study Suggests Simple 2-Out Exercise Protocol to Maintain ROM During An Outing

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I was recently reading through my favorite research journal, the American Journal of Sports Medicine, and  I came across an interesting article entitled “Effects of a Short-Duration Stretching Drill After Pitching on Elbow and Shoulder Range of Motion in Professional Baseball Pitchers. The study, authored by Rafael Escamilla,PhD, PT, CSCS, and his colleagues at the ASMI offers evidence that a short-duration, low intensity stretching program conducted between innings could help a pitcher maintain shoulder  range of motion during an outing and might reduce his risk of injury.

Loss of ROM during pitching episodes has been well documented and its cumulative effect has been linked to increased risk of arm injury.

In this study, the so-called “2-Out Protocol” was performed by 2o volunteer pitchers after 40 pitches. Subjects who executed the protocol restored PROM of shoulder ER/IR to pre-pitch levels. That’s extremely encouraging. The 2-Out Protocol outlined is simple and easy to execute, and more importantly it takes less than a minute to perform.  Here are the exercises described in the article:

1. Internal Rotation Stretch:

IR stretch

2  reps. Hold 3 sec. 1-2 sec rest between reps

2. Elbow Extension Stretch


2  reps. Hold 3 sec. 1-2 sec rest between reps 

3. Big Arm Circles

big arm circles

5 reps clockwise, 5 reps counter clockwise

4. Small Arm Circles

smallarm circlesJPG

5 reps forward, 5 reps reverse

5. Forearm Touch


 5 reps continuously

6. 90/90 Internal and External Rotation


5 reps continuously

7. Trunk Rotation

trunk rotation

5 reps each direction

There are some significant limitations in the study. A larger sample size (20 volunteers in this study) would have allowed more robust inferences. Also, the number of pitches thrown was only 40. That’s either a very long inning or a very short outing. One might question if the results would hold true over several more simulated innings.

This article reminded me of a conversation I had with my friend in a major league organization last winter. They have become big fans of The Durathro Training Sock we invented a few years ago. They were considering requiring all their minor leaguers to perform a 2-out Durathro Training Sock protocol to get a few extra warmup pitches in before taking the mound for each inning. It sounded like a great idea to me.

If you’ve ever been on a team capable of putting up serious offensive numbers, you know how cold you can get between innings. So, finding a way to maintain ROM or to facilitate warm up and preparation between innings can only help to improve consistency and overall performance.

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Randy Sulllivan MPT, CSCS
CEO, The Florida Baseball Ranch®

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