Rest Unassured… If You Dare

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I got a call this morning from a pro client with a familiar problem.

His season went pretty well, but towards the end his velo began to drop. Soon his command unraveled and finally, his shoulder started to hurt with every outing.

That’s a issue, but now he has a bigger problem…

His club, and his athletic trainers are advising him to shut it down and rest for 3 months. The idea is that if he rests, and then gradually ramps it back up he’ll be fine next year.

The assumption here is that his pain is due to overuse. In the minds of the “experts”, with a little time off, he should be fine. When he starts throwing again in January, his pain will be gone…



But what if it’s not?

What if he starts throwing, and his shoulder starts hurting again?

If he waits until January to figure it out, he’ll only have about 4-5 weeks to get right before spring training. If he’s not able to throw well in spring training, he may be looking at a pink slip in his locker next March.

You see, while overuse can certainly be a contributor to arm pain, in my experience, it’s usually about number 4 or 5 on the list of most likely culprits.

Your physical constraints, your mechanics, your preparation, and your recovery are all far more important than how much you throw.

Wisely, our guy just registered for an Elite Performers Boot Camp and I’m sure we will be able to identify all the possible contributors to his pain. We’ll design a personalized training plan for the winter that will have him in top form by the time spring training rolls around.

For this pro, the decision to shut it down before solving his pain could have been a career ender.

When I spoke to him, I could hardly communicate how relieved I was that he was coming to a camp.

He’ll look back on it as one of the best decisions of his life.

It’s an all-to-familiar story.

Another of our clients was a pitcher at a very elite D2 program. He was their number one guy as they entered the playoffs 2 years ago, but he started having arm pain. His team finished very well — made a deep run into the playoffs– with him cheering from the dugout.

He took the summer off, then in the fall it started hurting again…

His doctors were perplexed.

Their answer…

Another 3 months of rest (which of course did no good at all).

In a panic, 4 weeks before his spring season he came to an Elite Performers Boot Camp.

Over a 2-day span we identified several physical constraints and mechanical inefficiencies that were combining to cause his pain. We taught him all the necessary mobility and stability exercises and we put him on an innovative 30-day throwing program that involved a blend of drills with our Durathro Training Sock, a football, a 1 pound Indian Club,and a baseball.

After a month he was completely pain free and back on the mound firing laser guided missiles. We gave him a customized plan for ensuring he maintained his arm health through the college season. He threw 90+ innings last spring without any pain. In June, he got drafted and dominated in his first professional season.

He called me the other day to say thank you.

“I wouldn’t be playing baseball any more if it hadn’t been for you and your staff at The Ranch.” — C.M. Professional Pitcher.

**We never divulge the names of our pro clients unless they give us explicit permission. Many of them like to keep their Ranch ties under wraps because they consider it their competitive edge.**

If you are having arm pain heading into the winter, I have a question for you.

Are you willing to bet your future as a baseball player on the hope that overuse (the 5th most important contributor to arm pain) is the problem?

really think that would be a bad idea.

Here’s a better idea:

CLICK HERE and learn all about our Elite Performers Boot Camp and let us solve the pain before you shut it down.

We’ll see you at The Ranch

Randy Sullivan, MPT

CEO Florida Baseball Ranch

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