The Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit: Like Fish and Chips and Beers With Einstein Himself

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On Sunday night, having completed another inspiring Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp at The Texas Baseball Ranch®, I was walking through George Bush Intercontinental Airport, terminal C, I headed to gate C12 to begin boarding, for my flight home to Florida. I was wearing my new Powerbeats® Wireless Earphones and I was jamming internally to an iTunes playlist labeled “Songs I Absolutely Freaking Love!”

Just as the double drum beat in the intro of Hotel California dropped, a paralyzing thought rendered me unable to proceed.

It was one of those thoughts.

You know?

The kind of thought that makes your legs and the rest of your body incapable of connecting any of the neuromuscular synapses that would be necessary to actuate any level discernible functional movement?

Am I the only one?

Anyway, as you can imagine, I stopped dead in my tracks, and stared straight ahead … at absolutely nothing. It was as if I had gazed directly into Medusa’s tangled asp mop locks and immediately (albeit temporarily) turned to solid stone. (That sentence might not make any sense, but it was fun to write the phrase “tangled asp mop.”)

What was this penetrating thought?

Well, truthfully it was a combination of several thoughts that led me to a revelation about the upcoming Florida Baseball Ranch®/Dutch Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit.

It started like this:

What if Albert Einstein was a regular guy?

What if you could sit down in a booth at an English Pub over fish and chips and a crappy European ale and listen to him explain in infinite scientific and mathematical detail the wonders of his famous Theory of Relativity, his ideas on Brownian Movement, and the Quantum Theory of Light that ultimately led to the invention of television, smartphones and the computer on which I am currently typing.

Even better, what if you could have some of the best teachers in the world sitting there with you, clanking glasses, and translating everything Einstein said into plain, common sense terms that you would immediately equip you with all the tools you need to apply this new information toward helping others achieve their goals, as you make a ton of money, and improve the quality of your life and all the lives you touch?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

What would you be willing to pay for such an encounter?

From the time we first announced the Sep 8-9th Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit, we’ve heard from dozens of soon to be registrants who plan on signing up before the early bird discount expires at 11:59 pm on July 18th. Most are excited about the all-star lineup of presenters. If you’d like an overview of each presenter’s impressive credentials and accomplishments CLICK HERE

I think most folks in the baseball and medical communities agree that The Florida Baseball Ranch®/Dutch Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit features the most highly talented and knowledgeable collection of presenters ever assembled for a baseball conference.

That said, some coaches and academy owners have privately expressed concern about the price of the event. The full price is $1299, but with the early bird discount it drops down to $999 (discount expires at 11:59 pm on July 18th).

The leaders of the Florida Baseball Ranch® and Dutch baseball have collaborated on what we believe to be a fair price for this one-of-a-kind event. Still, I can see how some members of the baseball and medical communities might experience preliminary sticker shock, and with the permission of the reader, I’d like to address the issue.

As the organizer of the Summit, I can assure you that no one involved is being greedy. There can be no denying that we have gathered the most impressive lists of speakers ever to address the science of baseball skill acquisition. The cost of airfare and lodging for 5 Dutchmen and the fees needed to attract this powerful lineup of speakers is significant, as you might imagine.

The qualifications and expertise of the team of presenters is top shelf indeed, but the list of registered attendees may be even better. The value of this event goes beyond the unique information and application tips given by the presenters. The cocktail and dinner conversations with our esteemed guests may be as insightful and essential as the formal event itself.

Whether you’re a coach, a parent, a physical therapist, a Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, an Athletic Trainer, a movement specialist, or a baseball academy owner, or a gym owner, the value of the information application ideas you’ll garner at The Summit will pay for itself in spades when you return home. You’ll make back your investment and much more by understanding, and by applying, the concepts you learn during the weekend. Your new knowledge and skill will put you light years ahead of your competition. Your expertise and ultimately the results you get in development and rehabilitation of high-level baseball performers will sky-rocket your business to heights you could never have imagined.

Your players and patients will out-perform nearly all of their peers and the buzz they create as they acknowledge your contribution to their success. Their success will help you build your brand and will make others want to be involved in your process for one simple reason – it works better than anything anyone else is doing!

Your revenue will increase. Your influence in the industry will explode, and the momentum you create will surge your business or practice into blue oceans, free from competition for at least five years.

We do offer a 1, 2, or 3 payment plan that you can execute with a single phone call to FBR CFO, Amy Marsh. As you might expect, we have received numerous requests for exclusive discounts from friends and acquaintances on both the FBR and the Dutch side. While we understand entirely and take no offense to such requests, please know that because of our desire to provide a quality experience for all of our speakers and guests, we are unable to grant any further discounts or deals than those listed above.

When you click on the registration page, enter your credit card information you’ll be making an investment in yourself that will come back to you at least 10 x the amount it costs to attend.

When you attend The Summit, Frans Bosch, Rob Gray, Ron Wolforth, Martiijn Nijhoff, Paul Venner, Bart Hanagraaf, Stephen Osterer and Randy Sullivan will take you on a two-day journey that reveals the secrets behind the science of skill acquisition. That alone would be worth the price of admission, but we won’t stop there. We’ll walk you through the implementation process with a full day of rotation through four hands-on practical application workshops.

The master teachers at The Summit will sift through the complexity of motor learning, skill acquisition, and dynamic systems theory and show you ways to implement these highly effective training techniques in ways that will seem as simple as skipping rocks.

It will be like you’re eating Fish and Chips and decoding the brain of Albert Einstein himself.

If you’re serious about improving and expanding your toolbox for developing players of the highest level (in throwing and hitting), you can’t afford to pass on this investment in yourself.

The future you will be grateful for the opportunity.

Click Here To Get Registered Now

We’ll see you at The Ranch,

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS

P.S. Great news for our friends in the SCC, PT and ATC businesses:

*** Amy is working feverishly to get this amazing weekend of training approved for up to 15 continuing education hours for Florida PTs ATCs, Chiropractors and SCCs. Stay tuned for more on that.***

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