The Enemy of Your Success Is…

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You have a dream.
You want to play in college.
You want to get drafted.
You want to play in the pros.
You can do it.

We truly believe anyone can learn to throw 90+mph and play in college… get drafted… and play in the pros.  Why are we so sure?  Because God doesn’t make junk and human tissue doesn’t have a free will.

If we add a training stimulus, your body cannot decide not to participate.  It must respond the the stimulus we impart.  The key is to add the right training stimulus at the right time and at the exact frequency, intensity and duration.
We’ve seen it time and time again.
As of this writing, 225 Florida Baseball Ranch® students have developed  90+mph fastballs.
Thousands of FBR students have earned college baseball scholarships, saving their families millions of dollars.
In the 2017 MLB Amateur Draft, FBR students signed collectively $8.1 million in signing bonuses.
And, when they sat down for their initial evaluations at The Baseball Ranch®, they didn’t look any different from any of the other guys in the game.  They looked… normal.

This is what those guys had and, if you want to achieve your dreams, here’s what you’ll need:


You have the desire.  That is the starting point for all achievement.  If you didn’t have the desire, you wouldn’t still be reading this.


Next you need direction.
You need a path forward.
But danger lurks ahead.
One mis-step and your dreams could be dashed.
When we first started doing this 10 years ago, almost t no one believed that you could teach velocity.  Now it seems there’s a velocity camp on every corner.  The serpent in the brush for today’s elite throwing athlete — the one thing that will derail his career the fastest — is an errant training plan.  If you don’t have a training plan that fits your developmental needs precisely, things can go bad.  If you’re lucky, the only consequence will be wasted training time (something none of us can afford).  But, if luck isn’t on your side, the wrong training plan could make you worse… or get you hurt.

For most aspiring throwing athletes and their families  the enemy is misinformation.  

How do you know which path to take?  Should you lift heavy weights?  Should you use weighted balls?  Should you long toss?  Should you try Yoga?  How much should you throw?  Should you change your mechanics?
And the list goes on and on…

If you want to improve your velocity, command, and/or secondary stuff…
If you want to eliminate your arm pain…
If you want to play in college…
get drafted…
play pro ball,
you need direction.  You need a trail guide for your journey… a guide with the experience to recognize the difference between safe efficient path and one that will have you staggering into muck and mire, treachery and danger.
We want to be that guide for you.
When you come to The FBR Complete Game Summer Training Program, we’ll conduct a 360° evaluation on your first day.  That will set the template for building a customized training plan that will include expert guidance in mobility and stability training, throwing plan and pitch design, strength and power building, nutrition, tissue preparation and recovery.


We’ll stand by your side to help you execute your customized training plan with razor sharp precision and fervor.  We’ll objectively measure and chart your progress in every way possible.  Our staff will meet every week to assess and adjust your raining plan so you’ll optimize your results.

When your summer is over, you’ll throw harder. — The average gain last summer was 4.5 mph.

You’ll elevate your command — In 2017 our Summer Program studs threw 13% more strikes than when they arrived.

And, you’ll be pain free — 100% of players who reported with pain saw complete elimination of that pain after 5 weeks.

We’ll offer you a program to stay engaged with us after you leave so we can continue to serve as your arm care and performance concierge.  You’ll send us video and email reports of your continued progress.  Clear advice will always be a phone call or a text message away.

Sam M. from Ft. Meyers, FL chose to skip summer ball and train at the Ranch to add velo.  He came in throwing 85 mph and left at 92.  According to Sam, “FBR was an amazing experience for me.  I went home with more knowledge than Could have ever expected and my velo sky-rocketed.”

Even Sam’s mom was excited with the results.  Here’s what she posted on Facebook last summer.

“My son, Sam, is in his 4th week of training at The Ranch. He can’t say enough great things about what he is learning and how he is progressing. He is going into his 2nd year of college baseball and has never had training like this. My husband and I are grateful. This was the best investment we could have made to get him to that next level.”

If you have the desire.  We’ll provide the direction. We’ll design a plan and guide you through the process.  We’ll stay in contact with you, building a lasting relationship that will encourage the discipline you need to execute and adjust your plan.


Now it’s up to you to make a decision.  Have you become disillusioned by the status quo?  Are you sufficiently disappointed and disgusted with the results you’ve gotten so far?
If so, then make your move.
Pick up the phone and DIAL 866-787-4533. 

Ask Amy to schedule you for the FBR Complete Game Summer Training Program.  We’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll see you at The Ranch,

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS

P.S. The formal summer program starts June 4 and runs through Aug 10.  You can stay 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks or 10 weeks.  The early bird discount expires on tax day April 15th.  But, if you get out of school early and want to get started in May, we’re ok with that.  Call us and we can get you set up as soon as you want to start.

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