The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim Are Coming To The Summit! Are You?

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By now you’ve probably heard about the rockstar list of presenters we’ve booked for the Florida Baseball Ranch®/Dutch Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit.

If you think that list is impressive, you’ll be amazed at the credentials of some the registered attendees. At the time of this writing, we have commitments from at least 10 MLB organizations and from some of the most highly regarded movement specialists and skill acquisition scientists in the industry.

I’m betting the conversations during the breaks, lunches, cocktail hours and the panel discussions will be as valuable as the content presented during the scheduled activities.

I just heard from Ryan Crotin, PhD, CSCS, RSCC. He’s the Player Performance Coordinator for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and a big fan of what we do here at The Ranch. He was kind enough to write a summary of the reasons he felt like this will be one of those events you just can’t afford to miss:

“This conference should be on the radar of every baseball performance specialist as the training culture is gearing toward hybridized coaching involving strength and skill. Where I find there is a gap is in cognitive processes.

The brain in baseball is mystifying, how an athlete thinks, how sensory-motor information is perceived and transmitted for skill execution in the competitive environment. As coaches, sport scientists and therapists we must demand from ourselves a greater understanding of how to prepare athletes for actual competition. We must prepare athletes for making mechanical adjustment and to engrain motor patterns that are efficient, support variability and result in desired outcomes.

At this conference, there are tremendous scientists and practitioners presenting new material that can add to the quality of work provided by attendees. I believe this information will help set us apart from our competitors.

As a member of the Los Angeles Angels, I see this platform as a competitive advantage as interaction with the panel of speakers is invaluable and the evidence-based work is undeniable. Some of the speakers hold faculty positions and have had their work not only stand the test of social media but also the scrutiny of the peer-reviewed process.

Scientifically-vetted information is a feature that is unique to the conference and should be valued as only 10% of coaches actually read the scientifically published material. I am eager to take from the information better ways to approach communication with athletes, how to provide better feedback, how to stimulate greater neural pathways in practice and enhance athletes’ own self-organization of movement for desired outcomes.

I have been an international athlete who played baseball semi-professionally in Australia, Germany, and Israel. The diversity of coaching science is another element that interests me about this particular conference. I personally do not want to be biased toward our North American approaches and think tanks, where some of the best sport science is coming from international thought leaders and researchers.

The Netherlands is well established in the world of baseball and continually advances themselves in the internationally. Arguably the greatest return on investment is an opportunity to educate your staff from the material presented and heighten your player development strategies.”

Ryan Crotin, PhD CSCS RSCC

Player Performance Coordinator, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Ryan is so stoked about The Summit, that he’s planning on coming in a couple of days early to hang around and exchange ideas. We can’t wait to see him!

Isn’t it time for you to pull the trigger and start making arrangements to get here!

If you’re a coach, academy owner, PT, ATC, SCC, Chiropractor, administrator, or a motor learning scientist, I promise you’ll regret it if you don’t find a way to get here! The information you gain will change the future of your career.


Hurry! Space is limited and the Early Bird Discount expires at 11:59 pm on July 18th.

We’ll see you at The Summit!

Get Here. Get SAVAGE!!

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