The Moment I Knew He’d Make It To The Big Leagues

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Since we literally broke down the walls of our Physical Therapy practice and entered the baseball training industry, we’ve seen thousands of hopeful students come through our doors. Nearly all of them have had dreams of throwing 90+ mph, playing in college, getting drafted, or playing in the big leagues.

Over the years, we’ve helped over 320 guys develop a 90+ mph fastball. FBR students have earned scholarships at every level of college baseball, saving their families millions of dollars in tuition. And, over the past two MLB drafts, Ranch Guys (guys who have trained with us for at least 8 sessions) have signed over $12.1 million in signing bonuses and a dozen have made it to the big leagues.

We tell this to every new student we see on their very first day of training. We say it not to brag (well, maybe to brag a little), but, more importantly, to let them know that when even the most successful Ranch Guys began their journey, there was nothing special about any of them. There were no distinguishing physical characteristics that predicted their future success. They didn’t possess some magical genetic predisposition that illuminated their potential for greatness.

But, there are two things every Ranch Guy who has reached his dreams has had in common.

Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you what they are.

Every new student who walks through the rustic barn door on the front of our building has a decision to make. They can come in, take in all the information, go home and do nothing with it, and live a happy life.

That’s fine.

This Ranch Guy thing isn’t for everyone.

We get that.

Or, they can do what all successful Ranch Guys have done. They’ve gotten clarity in their path forward, they’ve executed their training plan with dedication and discipline, and they have allowed us to guide them along the way.

If you desire to be a great baseball player, and you share that with the rest of the world, most will encourage you to take a hard look at the statistical improbability  push you toward an alternate plan.  Often, they’ll attempt to give you a “dose of reality” by showing you what I call “The Pyramid of Hopelessness.” Frankly, we’re glad other organizations tell their players this.  The way we see it, someone has got to wear the MLB jerseys. When others discourage their kids, it gives our players a better chance.

Here’s what we say to our new students:

“If you desire to throw 90+ mph, play in college, get drafted, or play in the major leagues, then we say, ‘Do it!’  Make that your “plan A” and don’t have a “plan B.”

As Will Smith says, “There is no need for a plan B, because it only get in the way of plan A.”

At this point in the conversation, parents begin to squirm. I can almost hear them thinking, “Wait, are you suggesting our son should abandon everything else in life and be singularly focused on becoming a great baseball player? That’s not what we signed up for.”

I pause for a moment, then define precisely what “Plan A” means.

For the guys who achieve their dreams, “Plan A” is not throwing 90+ mph, playing in college, getting drafted, or playing in the big leagues.

“Plan A” is to make the shift.

All successful FBR students embrace the cultural shift that comes with being a Ranch Guy. A Ranch Guy makes a change in his purpose, in his life, in his soul, and he commits himself to our mantra “Relentless Pursuit.” We brand it on the back our shirts, and it is short for “The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence” …

Excellence in EVERYTHING we do.

From the moment a Ranch Guy wakes up in the morning he chases excellence. From the way he makes his bed, to the way he ties his shoes, to the way he handles is household chores, associates with his friends and family, a Ranch Guy pursues excellence.  When managing  his school work, his civic duties, his faith, and yes … even how he prepares for and plays baseball, a Ranch Guy is feverishly on “The Relentless Pursuit Of Excellence.”

Achieving his dreams is a inevitable by-product of that pursuit.

Uncommon commitment to the relentless pursuit of excellence is one of the two traits all successful Ranch Guys have had in common.

The other is “The Why” — that is, why they want to achieve their goals.

Most people  want to throw 90+ mph, play in college, get drafted, or play in the major leagues is to attain fame and self-affirmation.

Not Ranch Guys.

Ranch Guys understand that chasing goals for the sake of personal glory is a shallow pursuit — a pursuit that doesn’t usually result in sustainable success.

Ranch Guys find a bigger “Why.”

Chien-Ming Wang found such a “Why.”

When we first began working together in 2015, I had my doubts. After winning 19 games for two consecutive years, the former Yankee great broke his foot running the bases in an interleague game. A series of events led to a severe shoulder injury and a couple of major surgeries.

When we met, CMW had fallen from the mountain top of success to the lowest imaginable valley of failure and frustration. Out of game at the age of 36 and throwing only 80 mph with debilitating pain, I wasn’t sure he would be able to realize his dreams of making it back to the big leagues.

Then one day, he shared his “Why.”

At that moment I knew for sure his return to Major League Baseball was inevitable.  I knew it he’d make it.  Success was a done deal.

An interview I did for a news crew in Taiwan last December explains what made me so certain.

Napoleon Hill said, “The starting point of all achievement is desire.”

Whether your desire is to throw 90+ mph, play in college, get drafted or play in the major leagues. Or, if your goal is merely to make your high school team, a travel team, or to get more innings to play a more significant role on your current team, I want to share with you one simple truth.

You can do it.

We can help.

But first I need to ask you two questions:

1) Are you ready to commit to the relentless pursuit of excellence in everything you do?

2) Is your Why big enough to make achievement of your dreams a slam dunk guarantee?

If you answered “Yes” to both of those questions, you’re ready to make the next move.

You’re ready to become a Ranch Guy.

There are 3 ways to get started: Click on any of the buttons below, learn more about each program, and choose the one that fits your life the best.

Or, call us at 866-787-4533 (866-STRIKE3) and we’ll guide you toward a customized training plan that will change your life.

Meeting every single student exactly where he is and doing everything in our power to help him achieve his dreams while gaining life skills through the metaphor of baseball.

That’s our “Why.”

And it’s a big one — big enough to help you achieve whatever you desire.

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