The Most Menacing Career Killer

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You’re a college or a high school pitcher, and you want to move to the next level. Your goals are clear. Your dreams are important, worthy, and attainable. It’s not a question of will. You’re willing to work hard. Heck, you want it so badly, you’re ready to do whatever it takes to get it done.

But you have an enemy, a fierce and insidious enemy that if not identified, combated and corralled will contort your training and your pitching career into an unrecognizable mess.

The enemy I’m talking about is noise.

Noise has killed more velocity, corrupted more command and contributed to more injuries, than poor mechanics, muscle imbalance, and excessive pitch counts combined.

I’m talking about the noise we create in the baseball training industry.  The abundance of ideas and information available today (some of it helpful, some of it not) can leave players mystified about the most effective training program for them.

Time is critical.  You get 86,400 seconds, 365 days per year, just like every other player in the world.  You have to maximize every second.    You can afford to waste time wandering down training paths that don’t produce positive results.  You can’t afford to travel down routes that lead to poor performance, pain, or injury.  Time is your biggest investment.  Return on that investment vital to development.

But the noise … oh, the noise.  The noise can be deafening, bewildering, and career-ending.  It can freeze you into an ice sculpture of indecisiveness, or it can ignite you into a fireball of zeal that sends you careening down convoluted a trail of destruction and disappointment.  The noise is the enemy.  It’s a sinister kidnapper of time and it’s costing today’s players a king’s ransom in frustration, failure, and pain.

Last spring I got a call from a young man (I’ll call him Blake), who had been playing at a college for two years. He had logged very few innings on the hill during each of his first two seasons, mainly because frankly, his stuff wasn’t that good.

He cruised in the mid-80s with a sloppy curveball and sporadic command. After his freshman year, like an honorable soldier, he went off to play in his assigned collegiate summer league. He put in his innings and won a few games, but when he returned to school for his sophomore campaign, nothing had changed.

He had hoped to crack the starting rotation, but for the second straight year, he was banished to the bullpen, relegated to mop-up duty in insignificant blowout games.  Blake was unfulfilled and disillusioned.  He had done everything he was advised to do, yet here he was.

Blake wanted more, and he wanted it badly. Desire wasn’t his issue. Effort wasn’t his problem. Blake needed one thing … clarity.

He enrolled our Complete Game Summer Training Program.

On the first day, we did a head-to-toe physical assessment and a high-speed video analysis of his mechanics. On subsequent days we checked spin rate, movement, and command. We looked at his weight training program, his mobility training, and even his nutrition status. We got our team together and created a customized training program, and the guys got to work.

By the end of the summer, Blake was topping out at 92 and his command improved by 16%.  Currently, Blake is dominating as the Friday night starter for his college.

If you’re still reading this, your probably thinking, “That could be me! That’s what I need … a clear plan!”

Well, we’ve got your back, my friend.

It’s time to stop wandering from gizmo to gadget, from “The key is” to “The number one thing is … ”

It’s time to stop the noise.

It’s time for clarity.

Click here and sign up for 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 weeks of training and let us help you add the velocity, command and secondary filth you to turbo boost your career. Go to our facebook connect account HERE  and find a friend to team up with and off-set some of the lodging costs.

By the time your summer is over, you’ll be throwing harder.

You’ll throw more strikes.

Your secondary stuff will be filthy.

And, you’ll be healthy and ready to kick the door down when you get back to school.

See you at The Ranch.

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS

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