“You Know… It’s Always Something”… But It’s Never One Thing.

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Last week I was on a plane heading back from a Road Show when a guy noticed my Florida Baseball Ranch logo and asked whatI do. When I told him, he responded with another question.

“So what do you think is causing all these arm injuries.”

I get that a lot.



My immediate reflex hearkens me back to my high school days when Saturday Night Live was the hottest show on TV, and the late Gild Radner played a character named Roseanne Rosannadanna.

Her signature line was,

“You know… It’s always something.”

That’s what most people think. If a ballplayer has arm pain or injury, there has to be a “cause”. There’s got to be a “reason” he’s hurt. That’s usually when the finger pointing start. That’s when the baseball community starts looking for someone/something to blame.

“I threw too many pitches.”

“I haven’t been throwing enough.”

“My coach made me throw two days in a row.”

“I didn’t get a chance to warmup well enough.”

“I threw too many pitches early in the season in cold weather.”

“It was all that bench pressing and heavy weight lifting.”

“We started this crazy weighted ball program.”

“Our coach started a new long toss program.”

“I didn’t get a chance to do my band work.”

“My coach changed my arm slot.”

“I slept on it wrong.”

And the list goes on and on… I get it… People are looking for answers. If a player is hurt, there HAS to be a reason.

But as that wise oracle, Rosanne Rosannadanna said so many years ago…

“It’s always something!”…

But it’s never one thing.

You see, when it comes to arm pain, there is not one answer… and there never will be. We will never be able to isolate a single cause for arm injuries or arm pain. Any time a problem arises, a combination of variables merge in the perfect storm, to create an environment where injury or pain can occur.

At The Florida Baseball Ranch, we are world leaders at identifying and solving arm pain. We know a LOT about the contributors to arm pain. And we know a LOT about how to solve them. The key is that we don’t just look for ONE cause or solution. Instead, we conduct a thorough, multi-dimensional look at every possible contributor. Then we use our unique, neuroscience-based process to systematically eliminate all of them.

The results speak for themselves.

Just ask Corey.screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-12-52-46-pm

He was a stud prospect at The University of Florida before he tore his labrum… twice. His career appeared to be over. The doctors who repaired his labrum both times told him he’d never be able to throw at a high level again. He graduated and took a sales job he totally hated. Feeling the itch to throw and compete again, he came to see us. He asked if I thought it was possible for him to throw competitively again, and I answered his question with a few questions of my own. “Why not? What have we got to lose?”

We started the process and within 6 months he was touching 90 mph and pain free. He petitioned authorities for an extension of his eligibility and received 2 additional years. He’s now pitching at a local university and pursuing his MBA degree.  According to Corey, “The Florida Baseball Ranch saved my baseball career.”

We use the same process when helping guys add velocity.

As it turns out, the same variables that keep you safe and healthy or help you to overcome arm pain also improve your velocity. And the process works well there also.

Just ask Cody.

He’s one of 162 guys we’ve helped break the 90 mph threshold codymartin(measured with a Stalker Pro 2 inside, off of a mound). Cody, a codymartinscreen-shot-2016-12-26-at-1-45-41-pmright-handed pitcher, was cut from his high school team in the 11th grade. While his friends were wasting their time in 4-hour practices shagging for BP, hitting fungoes, and running poles, Cody came in to work with us 4 days per week. When he was cut from the team in January, his top velocity was 81 mph. By May he had broken 90 mph and now he tops out at 95. He never played high school baseball again, but he has played in the Cape Cod League. He’s the closer for a top 5 ranked NCAA Division 2 program and will likely be drafted this summer. “The Florida Baseball Ranch has helped me achieve every dream I’ve had so far, and I’m not done yet.”

The process also works to enhance command.

Just ask Kevin.

He was a hard throwing righty who couldn’t throw a strike to save his life. Despite sporting a low-to-mid 90s fastball in junior

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-1-49-02-pmcollege, he only logged 5 innings during the spring of his sophomore season. He worked in our summer program for 10 weeks with an emphasis on pounding the strike zone. During his junior year at a NCAA division 1 school, he found himself, turning in an impressive 12:1 strikeout to walk ratio. It was enough to get him drafted in the 12th round by the Boston Red Sox. “Without the help of the Florida Baseball Ranch, I would have never had a hope of pitching in college, let alone being drafted.” Kevin says.

So what’s your holdup? What is it that’s keeping you from ascending to a higher level? Is it arm pain?… Velocity?… Command?…

We have process that will help identify and correct all the constraints that are preventing you from achieving your dreams.

Click Here to sign up for an Elite Performer’s Boot Camp.

We’ll help you design a customized plan that will eliminate the constraints that are holding you back. Our next camp dates are set for Jan 21/22 and Feb 11/12.

Can’t make those dates?

Try one of our Precision Strike One Day Evaluation and Training Sessions.

Call us at 866-STRIKE3 (866-878-4533) and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

You’ve been looking for an answer to your problem. There is a reason you’re not where you want to be.

Because it’s always something… But it’s never one thing.

See you at The Ranch!


Randy Sullivan, MPT

CEO, Florida Baseball Ranch

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