You’ll Conquer Jupiter… And No One Will Care

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This weekend, hundreds of high school players from all over the country will descend on Jupiter, FL for the Perfect Game WWBA world championships.

For a small minority, it will be one of the greatest weekends of their baseball lives.shutterstock_113385490

They’ll light up the radar guns.

College and pro scouts will be clamoring for their attention.

They’ll be offered scholarships.

They’ll be asked to fill out draft questionairres.

The Perfect Game bloggers will write about how great they are.

But for most, it will be an entirely different story.

Some will perform very well.

They’ll pitch their teams to victory, allowing only a few pesky runs.

They’ll strike out far more than they walk.

They’ll give up very few hits.

They will outpitch almost all of the other pitchers in the tournament…

And no one will care.


Because you know it…

I know it…

Everyone knows it…

It’s all about the velo!radar-gun

You know you can pitch in college…

You know you’re way better than most of the 90 mph guys getting scholarships.

But it doesn’t matter, and I’m going to tell you why.

It’s a message I wish someone had shared with me before I watched my own son leave Jupiter with a broken heart.

The college recruiters love their jobs (most of the time). But typically it’s not the head college coach out there pounding it on the recruiting trail. It’s the recruiting coordinator or the pitching coach.

So let’s suppose they see you and like you, but your velocity is only 80-84. Let’s take it a step further and say they take your information back to the head coach and tell him, “I know this guy doesn’t throw real hard, but he really knows how to pitch. You’re gonna love him.”The head coach pulls the trigger, offers you a scholarship, and you show up for your first fall season…

and you struggle.

If you flop, the head coach turns to the guy who recruited you and says, “Why did you bring me a dog like this? I look around at our competitors and they have a bunch of big donkeys throwing 90-95 mph missiles! Why can’t I get some guys like that?”

If you fail, they blame the recruiter. If 2 or 3 more guys like you get recruited and fail… they fire the recruiter!

But if a 90+ guy fails they say, “Well, he had good stuff, but he just didn’t have it mentally.” They blame the player.

Remember, first and foremost, college coaches like keeping their jobs. So if you’re velocity is not up to par or even a little ahead of your competitive peer group, it won’t matter one iota how well you pitch in Jupiter…

No one outside of your team and your immediate family will ever know.

So here’s my advice.

Go to Jupiter this weekend and bathe yourself in the joy of the game.

Go do what you always do.

Carve, shove, and help your team win games.

Then go home and call up this article.

CLICK ON THESE WORDS and get signed up for our Weekend SAVAGE Training Camp. We’ll conduct a head to toe physical assessment, and a high-speed video analysis of your mechanics. We’ll teach you everything you need to know, and by the time the weekend is over you’ll have a tailor-made, step-by-step guide to help you find that velocity the recruiters are looking for. You’ll add 3-7 mph this off-season and by the spring you’ll be standing on the mound with a swarm of radar guns and video cameras locked on your every move.

You’ll launch 90 mph laser after laser, and when you strike out your third batter of the inning, you can stand tall on the mound with your hands over your head and shout,

“How do like me now?!!!”

On second thought do that on the inside. On the outside just walk off like it’s just another day at the park… like it happens all the time…

Because it will…

Call us at 1-866-Strike3 (866-787-4533) and we’ll get you registered right away.

The future you will be forever grateful.

See you at The Ranch!


Randy Sullivan, MPT

CEO, Florida BaseballRanch

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