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Anatomy Of A Pitcher’s Hip Hinge: First Move Nuance

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In 2019, we concluded a ground reaction force study of 500 pitchers using a NewtForce sensored mound. This incredible new technology is the brainchild of a team of aeronautical engineers led by NewtForce CEO, Kyle Barker. Unlike typical force plates plagued by slippage and measurement error, the NewtForce mound uses an array of embedded sensors to measure and display ground reaction forces in real-time. It's linked to 200 fps video, which allows us to identify the specific movement variables that…

Reflections From The Dad of Seattle Mariners First Round Draft Pick, Logan Gilbert

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In the Fall of 2014, a tall skinny 17-year-old right-hander strolled into The ARMory® (the former name of The Florida Baseball Ranch®).  His name was Logan Gilbert. His father shared with me that Logan had been performing pretty well on the travel ball circuit and had garnered some interest from college recruiters. But Logan and his closely knit family had a problem. You see, what the recruiters didn’t know is that the reason his travel ball coaches had limited him to only two or three-inning…