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The Battery is located at

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Randy Sullivan, MPT - Founder & CEO Florida Baseball Ranch® and The Battery Power Hitting System 

Who Are We?

For many years, The ARMory and The Florida Baseball Ranch have been using an uncommon approach and achieving uncommon results in the throwing world. We’ve helped hundreds of injured pitchers get back to the game they love. We’ve also helped over 250 players break the 90 mph threshold for the first time in their lives.

Who Am I? - Former NCAA Division 1 Player & An Expert In Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition

Full disclosure, I was never a pitcher… I was a catcher in college, But when my first son came out of the womb hurling rattles with his left hand, I knew I had some learning to do. I am a physical therapist, and physical therapists spend a large part of their day teaching human movement. All human movement is subject to the laws of biomechanics, kinesiology, neurophysiology and motor learning.

At the Florida Baseball Ranch, physical therapy professionals work hand-in -hand with our throwing and hitting instructors to create a highly effective fusion of medical care and physical instruction. As physical therapists, we are experts at teaching movement skills, and now we’re taking that expertise in to the hitting world.

I’ve been a student of hitting since I first read Ted Williams’ quintessential hitting book, The Science of Hitting back in 1984 during my junior year of college. The newfound comprehension of hitting, and a lot of hard work allowed me to become a NCAA Division 1 First Team Academic All-American, and number 6 on The Citadel’s all time career batting average leader board. According to my Coach, ABCA Hall Of Famer Chal Port:

I “led the nation in insignificant hits.”

So I had that going for me.

With the help of this great cast, we have effectively synthesized and blended this eclectic collection of hitting theorists into a cohesive motor learning-based approach to teaching hitting…

The Biggest Difference You'll Find At The Battery Hitting Lessons

Our understanding of motor learning.

Most coaches use an archaic approach to hitting lessons that full of verbal cues and cognitive thought. But, in hitting lessons, there isn't time for any cognitive cues to be able to impact the movement. Yogi had it right, "You can't think and hit at the same time." But in the most hitting lessons I observe, I see this classic coaching pattern. We tell you how to do something. We watch you do it. And then we tell you how to do it better. It doesn't work. Trying to enter a motor learning domain via a cognitive input is a futile endeavor because most players/people don't learn in this manner. In fact the verbal cues, the conscious thought gets in the way and it diminishes the quality of hitting lessons. We know through emerging data analytics that if you hit a ball with an exit velocity of 95 mph + at a launch angle of 15-32 degrees, you get a double or a home run nearly every time. So... that seems like a pretty good goal. Most coaches trying to achieve that goal by working on the athlete's swing -- by having him focus internally on the tilt of his spine, the angle of his lead arm, etc. The problem is that this goes against the natural flow of motor learning. People learn movement skills through self-organization based on the goal of the activity…so that’s how hitting lessons should be designed. This is why we took a different approach -- one grounded in our knowledge of motor learning science. We built what is effectively a giant feedback center, where hitting lessons take place and where the magic happens! We covered a 100' x 100' diamond (the size of an infield with 15'of outfield grass) with 40' high net walls and a net roof. We then placed a wall of 10' high screens about 25' from home plate. We did the math so we know that when our athletes hit a ball above those screens they have achieved a launch angle of 15 degrees. If it stays below the roof, it's under 36 degrees.

It's Instantaneous Biofeedback!!

During hitting lessons, we offer very sparse verbal instruction. Instead, we let the athlete organize his swing to accomplish the goal of hitting the ball into the space between the screens and the net roof. But that's not all! To make it even more interesting, we designed 2 custom made wind screen and hung them on the back wall in LCF and RCF respectively. The center piece of the windscreen is a big red bull jumping out of the screen directly at the hitter. When our athletes hit the bull (and of course, document it on video) they win a free steak. So, instead of forcing cognitively induced motor patterns, our athletes develop their swings naturally as they compete to win some groceries!

Increase Hitting Power

Not only will we improve your launch angle, but we’ll increase hitting power to help you hit more homeruns too! With our physical therapy and baseball backgrounds, we understand exactly which muscles, tendons and ligaments need to be strengthened, worked and stretched to help you increase hitting power and be the ultimate package as a hitter. We’ll design specific workouts and hitting lessons just for you to help you increase hitting power and be the best hitter you can be. Interested? Click here to learn more about our one of our hitting evals, which have to be scheduled before attending our hitting lessons or training.


    Keys to Hitting:

    Hit the ball hard! 

    Hit it in the air!

lots of guys

Now Here's The Great News!!

If you're planning on attending one of our Elite Performers Boot Camps, you can come in a day early for a 4 hour Battery Power Hitting Clinic. 

We'll conduct a hitter-specific physical assessment, and analyze your swing path, as well as your bat speed, exit velocity, and SMASH factor. Then we'll design a customized training program and teach you all the appropriate drills and exercises you'll need to execute the plan that will turn you into an offensive BEAST.

Your coaches will marvel at your improvement as they pencil you into the 3-hole on every line up card. Your teammates will be in awe of your raw power, and opposing pitchers will shutter in fear when you walk up to the plate.

Call us at the number below and we'll get you set up!

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