When recruiters and scouts pack their radar guns and walk away, it hurts.
There's one way to ensure that never happens again ...
Train Here & Play Better!

We'll help you throw harder and throw more strikes. You'll eliminate arm pain and develop nasty movement that will make every coach, recruiter, and scout want you on their team.
You can do it! Got doesn't make junk.
Human tissue doesn't have free will.

Here's How:

We call it a Precision Strike. It's a four hour one-on-one experience that includes:

  • A full physical assessment by our founder and CEO, Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS
  • A video analysis of your pitching/throwing mechanics
  • A written individualized training plan that covers the entire spectrum of your training process
  • Instructional video links to every drill, exercise and training concept you'l need to execute your plan
  • Hands-on instruction for your customized throwing drill plan
  • Hands-on instruction for your individualized strengthening program
  • Hands-on instruction for a mobility and movement prep plan made especially for you based on your assessment.
  • A SAVAGE power building workout
  • Training on key motor learning concepts such as implicit learning, direct perception, the foundations of athleticism and SAVAGE training.

Three Steps to Lock In Your Transformation

1) Call Us at 866-787-4533 And Lock In Your Start Date
2) Report to The Ranch
3) Get your plan, work hard and get ready for the best season of your career.
pitcher from stretch
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What is SAVAGE Training?

It's the reason our students have been so successful.

It's based on an acronym that stands for:

Specific Adaptation thru Variability And Goal-directed Experience.

Here's a short video that explains it.

Randy's Savage Training
FBR SAVAGE Hitting Book cover clean

We work with hitters too! Check out this free e-book that outlines our SAVAGE Power Hitting System. CLICK HERE.