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Are you a pitcher who's ready to step up his game, increase velocity and improve pitching mechanics? During your Florida Baseball Ranch pitching lessons, you'll learn the pitching mechanics, science and application of our cutting edge methods for increasing velocity and developing the 90 MPH delivery.

You'll leave our pitching lessons with a systematic science and throwing mechanics plan to help you increase velocity, command and durability. During our pitching lessons, you'll be introduced to a series of pitcher specific drills and exercises designed to elicit the necessary changes to make you the most dominant pitcher you can be.

You'll be able to implement a world class arm care and recovery program. This will help ensure you're always ready for your next outing and that arm pain won't ever sabotage all of the hard work you did to increase velocity and improve overall.

At the Florida Baseball Ranch we work with high school and collegiate level pitchers who are looking for pitching lessons that will help them reach the next level. During our pitching lessons, we not only train pitchers to increase velocity, strength and command, but we train them to understand how to reach their goals. So if you are heading into high school, thinking about playing NCAA ball or how you can get drafted call us 1-866-787-4533 to schedule pitching evaluations!


Facts For High School Pitchers:

Who Plays In College

Somewhere around 90% of the high school pitchers I talk to say they would love to receive a college scholarship or get the opportunity to play professionally.

Cold Hard Facts:

According to statistics provided by the NCAA, just over 6 out of every 100 high school players (about 6.1%) will be advanced to the collegiate level…

Where Does That Leave You:

The remaining 93.9% of all high school pitchers don’t get the opportunity to play at the next level and if they’re honest with themselves, they know EXACTLY what to do:

Facts For College Pitchers:

Who Gets Drafted

It is about the same for college pitchers, about 90% of the college pitchers I talk to say they would love to be drafted and get the opportunity to play professionally.

Cold Hard Facts:

According to statistics provided by the NCAA, 11 of every 100 collegiate players (about 10.5%)
will be drafted by a MLB organization…

Where Does That Leave You:

The remaining 89.5% of all collegiate pitchers don’t get drafted and if they’re honest with themselves, that is right, they too know EXACTLY what they need to do....

What You Need For The Next Level....

  • Need to increase velocity to throw 3-5 mph harder or…
  • Need to improve their command/strike percentage by 10-15% or…
  • Need better shape, speed, spin, and command of their off-speed pitches or secondary stuff or…
  • Need to be healthier and more durable… or
  • Need a combination of all of the above.
  • It's tough to accomplish all of this alone or with just one coach. This is why specialized elite pitching lessons are what many players need to gain the right edge!

What To Expect If You Come To The Ranch For Pitching Lessons

To increase velocity of your fastball 3-5 mph…


Improvement in command of the extension side fastball and off speed offerings to a rate of 10-15%


A thorough understanding of your own spin rate and how to employ it to attack hitters…


Total elimination of arm pain and significantly improved recovery…


With our pitching lessons, your arm will be prepared and conditioned like it has never been before.


Questions About Pitching Lessons?
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