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What's Your Plan?

Every year in spring training, each major league organization will release up to 50 pitchers. The days of coasting through the off-season and ramping up during spring training are over.  If you want to advance, you'll need to show up ready to kick the door down. 

Randy Sullivan's FBR SAVAGE Training is the one-stop solution for all your off-season needs. When you work with us, we’ll start with a full physical exam and a video analysis of your movement. This will allow us to connect your hardware (physical structure) with your software (movement pattern) to ensure you are optimizing your physiology and getting the most out of your hard work.  We’ll write a comprehensive training plan that will include a customized off-season throwing program, movement enhancement exercises, and hyper-individualized SAVAGE Power and SAVAGE Strengthening workouts.  We’ll design the plan to meet your specific training and scheduling needs. You can do the work in house, remotely, or you can choose a combination of both.   We’ll use our state-of-the art pitching lab to help you develop the SAVAGE filth you need to dominate hitters and advance your career.  Our lab includes technology such as 1000 fps video,  Yakertech®, Rasodo®, 4D-Motion Capture®, Motus®, MuscleSound®, and a one-of-a-kind Newtforce® force plate sensored mound linked to 200 fps video.  We'll wrap our robust data analytics network around baseball's most advanced understanding and application of human movement science.  It sounds complex because it is.  But don't worry, we'll make it simple.  We'll make it simple, but make no mistake ... it will be HARD. It has to be hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it and it wouldn't be worth it.  If you’re a pro, you're not afraid of hard.  What you can't afford is to be wrong.  You must get your off-season training right. Failure is not an option. When we get the training stimulus right (and we will get it right), your body and mind will have no choice but to adapt and improve. We can help your infinitely intelligent body learn to do anything you want it to do. God doesn't make junk and human tissue does not have a free will.  Your body cannot decide not to participate.  We'll partner with you to develop your plan, then we’ll be your faithful guide as you work through your process.  We’ll help you become a SAVAGE mover with electric velo, bulletproof arm health, laser-targeted command, and the knee-buckling filthy stuff you need to change your career.  We’ll do it implicitly, nudging you toward better performance using leading-edge skill acquisition science that will maximize your return on training time. You’ll improve subconsciously and we’ll  LEAVE NO FINGERPRINTS.

Your game will change. Your life will change.  And, next spring and summer, we'll celebrate with you as you enjoy the greatest season of your career. 

Call us at 866-787-4533

Let our CFO/COO, Amy Marsh customize a plan that works for you. 

Recent Pro Participants and  Case Studies


Justin Verlander 

Justin Verlander came to the Florida Baseball Ranch® originally after sub-par 2015 season when his velocity significantly dropped. We designed an individualize movement enhancement and throwing program.  JV committed himself to the process and made a radical mid-season transformation.  Since that time, Justin has enjoyed one of the greatest turn-arounds in MLB history. CLICK HERE to read about the work we did with the greatest pitcher of our generation. 
No shutdown

Shutting Down?

You might want to think again.  One of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted recommendations from the medical world has been the suggestion that an adult baseball player should avoid all throwing for three months every year.  Frankly, it defies the laws of physiology, and we're sure it wasn't the original intention of the idea.  Like everything in baseball player development, the decision to throw or not throw should be an individual, case-by-case decision.  Shut it down, or keep throwing?  Maybe there's another option. CLICK HERE to learn more before you make your choice.


Jake Odorizzi

Jake Odorizzi enjoyed solid results in each of his first 4 seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays. In 2017 he "tweaked" his back in the weight room. He was able to "pitch through it", but his performance suffered.  In 2018 Jake was traded to the Twins and despite having no pain, he struggled to throw strikes and his velocity dropped.  On the advice of teammate, Kyle Gibson, Jake checked in at The Florida Baseball Ranch®.  Small changes led to big gains. and in 2019, Jake has enjoyed a break out campaign. CLICK HERE to read  more about our work with Jake Odorizzi. 

Kyle Gibson

A former first round draft pick out of the University of Missouri, Kyle Gibson had struggled with nagging shoulder pain that had prevented him from reaching his true potential. He sought help from the Florida Baseball Ranch® in the winter of 2016. In 2017, Kyle had what he says is the first fully pain free season of his career. CLICK HERE to find out how he went on to log 8 consecutive quality starts at the end of that year. 

Nick Howard

Nick Howard completed a stellar career at the University of Virginia by being selected in the first round by the Cincinnati Reds. Unfortunately, arm pain led to decreased velocity,  and Nick to miss a season and half.  He released by the Reds in June of 2019. Nick came to the Ranch looking to return to Pro ball. With a customized plan and a lot of hard  work, Nick's average velocity climbed back up to 94-95 mph (touching 98). He has also reworked the tilt and spin slider and signed with the Kansas City Royals.

Chien-Ming Wang

Chien-Ming Wang was Taiwan's greatest superstar.  Featuring a devastating 92-94 mph sinker, he won 19 games in 2 consecutive seasons(2005/2006).  In 2007, at the height of his stardom, Chien-Ming broke his foot while running the bases in an inter-league game.  The incident cascaded into a series of shoulder injuries and surgeries that saw his velocity plummet to under 80 mph.  After being released by 5 different MLB teams, Chien-Ming Wang reached out to The Ranch for help.  CLICK HERE to read about the epic comeback that inspired an entire nation.