Most professional baseball players aren’t afraid to work hard.They’re afraid of working hard on the wrong stuff.
As a pro baseball player, someone is always after your job.
You can’t afford to get it wrong, but you also don’t need to waste energy wondering if you’re getting it right.
Like every other year you’ve experienced, this will be the most important off-season of your career.

What will you get when you engage in FBR’s Pro Off-season Training Program?

    • An initial 4-hour Precision Strike Evaluation and Training Session

      • Full Physical Assessment By A Licensed Physical Therapist (Randy Sullivan)

      • High-Speed Video Analysis of Your Mechanics

      • 4D Motion Capture To Identify Sequencing Problems

      • NewtForce® Sensored Mound Ground Reaction Force Data

      • Track Man Ball Flight Measurement

      • Edgetronic 1000+ FPS Video Analysis of Ball Release and Pitch Tunneling

      • A Comprehensive, Individualized Training Plan To Optimize Your Readiness For Spring Training

      • Hands on Instruction for All Assigned Drills and Exercises

      • A personalized day-by-day throwing program that will take your through the fall/winter and right up to spring training

      • Specific mobility/movement training regimen to address any inefficiencies identified

      • A 3 days per week SAVAGE power building workout tailor-made for you.

      • A customized SAVAGE Coordination and Strengthening Program that transfers directly to you throwing motion

      • 9 additional on site 4-hour training sessions to be used anytime over a 365 day period

    • A 6 month membership to our SAVAGE Satellite Training Program

    • Every facet of your entire off-season training plan will be housed in an App on your phone. Each activity will include a video link showing exactly how it should be performed.

    • At any time, you can send us videos of you performing the drills and exercises to be sure you’re doing them well.

    • You’ll have unlimited access to our instructors via text, phone, email, or facetime

    • We’ll reassess and modify your plan accordingly every month (more often if needed)

Three Steps to Lock In Your Transformation

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The next six months will be the most important period of your baseball career. You can’t afford to be wrong in your preparation. We’ll make sure you get it right.

  • At The Florida Baseball Ranch, we understand that pitching professionally is mentally and physically exhausting.
  • We know 2020 was a weird dud of a year. COVID has totally upended your normal training and preparation routine.
  • We believe every pro players deserves the freedom to work hard on exactly what needs to be done. If you’re like most pro players, you’ll do whatever it takes to get better. But you need the answers to two important questions: 1) What do I need to work on? 2) What’s the best way to work on it? 3) How do I get the best return on my training time?
  • That’s why we created the FBR Pro Off-Season Training Program.
  • We’ll help you answer all those questions and guide you, step-by-step through every detail of your off-season training plan.
  • You’ll enter spring training healthy, strong and more prepared than ever.the
  • The stage will be set for you to make 2021 the best season of your career.



Minor Leaguers: What’s keeping you from making it to the show?
Major Leaguers: What do you need to do to make yourself a perineal all-star and a Cy Young or Hall of Fame Candidate?
Whatever it is, we’ll help you get it.

Noteworthy pros we’ve worked with.

2015-2016: Chien-Ming Wang
After posting consecutive 19 win seasons (2006, 2007) with the New York Yankees, Taiwan’s greatest superstar suffered broken foot in 2008. The injury cascaded into several shoulder injuries, as he struggled to make it back to the big leagues. After being released by the Yankees, Nationals, Braves, Yankees (again) and Mariners, Wang reported to The Ranch in November of 2015 with chronic shoulder pain topping at 80 mph. The pain in his shoulder was so debilitating, he could barely raise his hand to scratch his head. After a winter of hard work, he accepted a 2016 non-roster invitation to spring training with the Kansas City Royals. He surprised everyone by flashing 97 mph sinkers that were even better than in his prime. He played through one final season, inspired a nation of admirers, and wrote a triumphant ending to a Netflix documentary called Late Life: The Chien Ming Wang Story. Read all about his 2015-2016 off-season training in this blog called “How Chien Ming Wang Got His Groove Back.”

2016-2017: Justin Verlander
Chosen by the Detroit Tigers as the second overall pick of the 2004 MLB draft, Verlander’s early career could be described as a metric rise to the top of the game. The pinnacle came in 2011 when he won both the Cy Young and AL MVP awards. By 2015, however, Verlander’s stuff had started to wane. After the worst statistical year of his career that saw his normally blazing 98+ mph fastball dip into the low 90s, JV checked in at The Florida Baseball Ranch on the last day of the 2016 Spring Training. “I’m a stuff guy.” He said. “I want my stuff back.” Working remotely between starts, Verlander found his fastball and finished the season as the Cy Young runner up. He returned to the Ranch for an off-season plan in early 2017, and went on to have another stellar year that culminated in a World Series Championship with the Houston Astros. Read more about Verlander’s visit to FBR here.

2016-2018: Kyle Gibson
A first round pick out of the Missouri in 2009, Gibson underwent a Tommy John surgery in 2011. Nagging arm pain inhibited his performance for the next five years. In December of 2016, Gibson stopped by the Florida Baseball Ranch looking for a solution. After his initial visit, remote training, and a follow up session in late January, arm $30 million contract.
Read about Kyle’s experience with the Ranch here.

2017-2019: Casey Kelly
In 2008, the Boston Red Sox drafted Kelly with the 30th overall pick. After a trade to the San Diego Padres, he made his MLB debut in 2012. However, in March of 2013, he reported from micro tears in his UCL and underwent a reconstruction. In 2015 he was traded to the Atlanta Braves. After a cup of coffee in the big leagues, he was released by the Braves brass. Subsequently, he was signed by the Chicago Cubs but released mid summer. In December 2017, Kelly came to the Ranch looking to up his game. After several months of remote training, he signed with the San Fransisco Giants. Once again, in 2018, K. His hard work yielded great results and in 2019, Kelly signed with the LG Twins of the KBO. He went on to post stellar numbers in 2019 and 2020. Watch Casey's video about his time at the Ranch.

2019-2020: Jake Odorizzi
With the 32nd overall pick in the 2008 draft, the Milwaukee Brewers selected Jake Odorizzi. Later traded to the Kansas City Royals and then to the Tampa Bay Rays, he made his big league debut in 2012. Struggling through a back injury in 2017, he turned in a disappointing 2018 season. On the recommendation of his teammate, Kyle Gibson, he spent the the off-season training at The Ranch. In 2019, with a 2.5 mph increase in his average fastball velocity fastball he posted the best numbers of his career.
During an MLB Network interview, Odo credited his off-season training at FBR for his success. Click to see more about the specifics of Jake’s off-season training click here.

We’ve have counted it an honor to work with players of such high caliber and dedication to the process. But, we’ve also had the privilege of guiding players from every level of play on their own journeys. We’ll do the same for you. Call now. Let’s make 2021 the greatest season of your life.