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Referrals are paid based on customers who you refer to us for purchases.
But hang tight with us for just a minute. You can’t just take off
telling people to buy our products, without us having some way to track your

That makes sense, right?

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So I’ve got my links…now what?
Do you have any tips or ideas to get me started?
You bet. You can send them to our products by including a special link
in your emails,adding a banner ad to your website or blog and even by
direct mail, if you set up a redirect link that leads to your special tracking urls.

If you have a WordPress blog or website, you can use a free plugin named,
Pretty Link Lite” to make redirect links that point to YOUR special urls
(which in turn point to our product(s) check out page).

For those of you who have never heard of this plugin, here’s a 3 minute video
we found that will show you how easy Pretty Link is to use.

*This is only for those of you who would like to “wrap” their referral link
into a link that matches your website.


Let’s say your referral link is:

That’s just a made up url by the way! It will go nowhere.

But for this example, let’s say you own the website
and you wanted to send people using Pretty Link to our non-working
link above and you wanted to make it a “pretty link”.

What you can do using the free Pretty Link Lite plugin is enter your target
link (that’s the link where you want your visitors to end up after clicking…
hence the name, “target”) and then create a shorter and much friendlier
url name like:

With your new Pretty Link being your website +”FBR”, which is obviously
short for Florida Baseball Ranch and WAY more “pretty” than that long
obnoxious url above, right?

So again, this looks and reads much better than the original link of :

And especially, if you are mailing out a printed newsletter or mailing out a

Your users and followers already have a great deal of familiarity with your
website name and/or blog so using your domain will make the “Pretty Link”
way more interesting, memorable, and trustworthy as compared to some
big old long link to a site (that maybe) your audience has never heard of.

Make sense?

Okay, enough said. The deal is using a “pretty link” is completely an optional
thing and if you plan to send traffic by way of email or banner ads then you
might ask, why should I even care?

Great point. If you’re writing an email you can always use a word like, Click Here
and link it to the long old “ugly” url, right? Of course you can, but…there is
still one more great reason to consider using Pretty Link.

Curious why?

It tracks your clicks and visitors who are redirected by way of your “Pretty Link”.

How cool is that? And it’s FREE!

Now before you start thinking that we’re promoting “Pretty Link” so we can
earn a commission…you’re wrong. We are just fans of this little free plugin
and are only interested in passing along useful info that you might be able to
benefit from as a referral partner. When you win, we all win. Make sense?

Great…now I’ve added a few more additional questions and answers below
for you to get you off and started on the right footing.

We’ve already covered the most important part and that is YOU MUST use
your personalized tracking link in order for us to keep track of any potential
commissions that you may earn from this awesome system. Be sure to check
them out below and we wish you the greatest success.

If you get stuck or have any questions you can contact our office at any time
and one of our friendly support staff will cheerfully reach out to you.

Where do I get my special tracking URLS? 
You can’t just send them to our website to purchase. You must make
sure you are using a special link that is unique to you. This is the only
way for us to know who referred the visitor. After that we will place a
small cookie on that users computer or phone. As long as that cookie
remains on the users computer or phone we will then know the visitor
was a referral from you.

Can My Tracking Cookies Get Deleted?
Yes the owner of the computer or phone always has the option to remove,
delete and/or refuse to accept cookie when surfing the web. However, the
good news for us is that most people never go into their browser’s advanced
options to remove them.

Most of the time our tracking cookie will just expire from the users device.
This happens automatically after 30 days from the date they first visit our site
by way of your special tracking link.