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If Babies Could Talk First, They Might Not Learn To Walk!

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Until I met Frans Bosch at the 2014 Texas Baseball Ranch Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp, my coaching style was unremarkable and, in retrospect … suboptimal.  It was what I call TWT coaching. Tell the player how to do something. Watch them do it. Then, tell them how to do it better. And, when they don’t get it right, label them “uncoachable” and move on. It’s typical … and it’s highly ineffective. According to Bosch, one of the world’s most preeminent…

Swing Leg Retraction, Foot Plant From Above and Negative Y.

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In high school, I was very good at math and scored well enough on my SAT and in college placement tests to exempt freshman mathematics classes at my first school, Erskine College.  At the time the enrollment at this South Carolina liberal arts school was around 500 students.  It was located in a tiny “town” called Due West.  I don’t know if any of this is true, but legend has it that is was called “Due West” because it was “due west of another town called…

Throw Weighted Balls, Lift Heavy Stuff, and Fix Your Mechanics To Improve Velocity? It’s Not That Simple!

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Let’s suppose you have a friend and he’s sick – let’s even pretend he’s in the ICU… dying of something (make sure it’s a pretend friend… using one of your actual friends would be kind of creepy). Let’s say you know this guy well. You know he eats right and exercises consistently. He seems to have a healthy lifestyle, but still… there he is. From what you know about this guy, he should be the healthiest cat on the planet. But he’s dying. What could be the reason for…