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Are you a pitcher who's ready to step up his game? At the ARMory you'll learn the science and application our cutting edge methods for developing the 90 MPH delivery.

You'll leave with a systematic science plan for improving your velocity, command and durability. You'll be introduced to a series of pitcher specific drills and exercises designed to elicit the necessary changes to make you the most dominant pitcher you can be.

You'll be able to implement a world class arm care and recovery program to help ensure you're always ready for your next outing.

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In our practice, pain is neither good nor bad. It's merely information - a beacon that lights the way to dysfunction. That dysfunction can be either biomechanical or physical. That's why we developed the arm pain app and making it free to the public. Tell us where you hurt and we will tell you the possible contributors to your arm pain." - Randy Sullivan, MPT AKA "The Arm Pain Assassin" We're excited to release this app and we hope you are too! Don't forget to add your email below and we will be sure to let you know as soon as it's available.



  • Start with The Pain
  • Map Your Pain Via our Free App
  • For Various Types of Shoulder Pain
  • For Various Types of Elbow Pain
  • Loads of Free Instruction & Explanation Videos
  • Apple Compatible
  • Android Compatible

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