Select baseball has been taking a beating over the past 4-5 years.

When injury rates to MLB pitchers began to rise to epidemic levels, the reflex from MLB officials and other "experts" in the medical and baseball communities was to isolate "overuse" at young ages as the only possible explanation for arm pain and injury.

They claimed the travel baseball industry was at fault for arm pain and injury. They blamed coaches and parents for recklessly ignoring recommended pitch counts and maliciously sacrificing young arms in pursuit of their own personal ego fulfillment.

I coached travel baseball and gave pitching lessons at a high level for many years. I met a lot of really good coaches. No matter how competitive it was, I never saw anyone intentionally put a child at risk just to increase velocity or improve his game. While I didn't always agree with their methods, most seemed to have the best interest and long term development of their players as their main goal.

This obsession with pushing players to increase velocity and improve overall at the expense of their health has never been as common of a problem as these “experts” presented it to be. So, if pushiness isn’t the main cause of young players’ arm pain in pitching lessons, what is?

Arm Pain Is Not The Fault Of Pushy Parents & Coaches It’s The Fault Of Improper Technique

More often than not, the cause of arm pain is improper throwing. Even the smallest flaw in technique (that’s tough for even coaches to catch) can cause serious pain after a player throws this way thousands of times year after year. This is where a player can benefit from specialized pitching lessons with a coach who has expertise in arm mechanics.

This type of coaching during pitching lessons can eliminate the pain that holds players back. As an elite travel ball player, parent, or coach, I'm sure you share the goal to increase velocity and develop your player's arm without risking injury. That's where I come in.

Increase Velocity & Improve Command Without Arm Pain

I am a physical therapist in private practice specializing in the management, development, and rehabilitation of elite throwing athletes. I team up with other coaches to help players increase velocity, and improve command, while eliminating arm pain during games and pitching lessons.

For over 23 years, I’ve studied the variables that contribute to arm pain and injury, and I’ve developed a world class process to eliminate arm pain, keep pitchers off the operating table, and even to help them return to action at the highest level if they have undergone surgical intervention.

An injury or a history of arm pain doesn’t have to mean giving up on your goal to increase velocity and become a better overall player. When athletes are liberated from the shackles of arm pain, they are free to develop power without fear of getting hurt… and that’s when the magic really happens.

We are located at 1411 S Wiggins Rd, Plant City, FL on 18 acres of beautiful land. We have a 120’ x 50’ turfed training center featuring 5 throwing lanes, a full weight training gym, a yoga studio, and a practicing physical therapy clinic on site with all the leading edge technology your athlete will everIMG_4216 need. We also have 5 outdoor regulation bullpens, a 10’ x 16’ concrete plyo wall, and a 400’ x 80’ long toss lane. As you can tell, we are set up to optimize our athletes’ recovery and performance through every phase of progression.

What We’ve Accomplished:

Over the years we have helped hundreds of athletes completely eliminate arm pain and, at the same time, increase velocity and increase hitting power. Many of them came back better than they were before they were injured! Over 140 athletes have been able to increase velocity to reach the 90 mph threshold off the mound. Several MLB clients consult with me regularly and fly me out to help them during the season anytime they experience arm pain.

Increase Velocity With Quality Over Quantity

You see, the common approach to managing arm pain or injury is to rest, do some physical therapy to reduce “inflammation”, and then gradually return to throwing. This approach has a major flaw in that it assumes all injuries are due to overuse. We have discovered through years of research that, while workload is a variable to consider, it is being given far too much weight. In our experience helping players increase velocity how you throw and hit, is far more important than how much you throw and hit. Other contributing factors are: how your connective tissue is prepared, your physical constraints in joint mobility and stability, your training habits, your recovery plan, and your sleep, nutrition, and hydration status.

How Our Pitching Lessons & Workouts Eliminate Arm Pain

Our Baseball Ranch Assessment Tool (BRAT) is the first of it’s kind and combines a thorough physical/medical exam. After the exam, we’ll do a meticulous high-speed video analysis of an athlete’s biomechanical throwing patterns to create the template for hyper-individualized, customized training plan. This plan will help you increase velocity, improve commend and eliminate all possible contributors/risk factors for arm pain or injury. Once inefficiencies or limitations are identified, it’s a matter of implementing a proven process to shift those variables to the athlete’s favor and teaching the athlete to implement them, not just during pitching lessons, but forever. We assign and instruct corrective exercises to improve all contributory physical constraints, we create a healthy and effective recovery and nutrition plan, and we employ a variety of corrective throwing drills to elicit safer, more efficient movement patterns without compromising velocity, command, or “stuff”. As you matriculate through the process, you’ll begin to feel the pain in your arm decrease, you’ll increase velocity, your strike percentage will improve, and you'll become a better player overall. What’s not to like about that?

Ready To Roll?

If you or any players you know (position players are welcome too) are experiencing arm pain or coming back from surgery, or just want to add a few mph to the old fastball, please contact us.We want to be the difference you’ve been looking for. We want to get you back on the field, continuing your development, and achieving success beyond your wildest dreams Call us at 866-STRIKE3 about attending one of our camps or programs.


Our elite performance Weekend Camps' pitching lessons run from 8:00am to 7:00pm on Saturday and from 8:00am to 2:00 pm on Sunday.

We limit these camps to 30 players, each of whom will receive:

  • A full head to toe physical assessment by Randy Sullivan, a physical therapist specializing in the development, management, and rehabilitation of elite throwing athletes

  • Pitching-bootcamp with pitching lessons to help you increase velocity, and improve technique and command

  • A high speed video analysis of your throwing patterns and how they could contribute to arm pain or sabotage your goal to increase velocity

  • A customized weight training session, a power building work out to help you increase velocity

  • A BROGA (yoga for dudes) and Hardcore Stability training session

  • Scapular mobility and stability training to help you eliminate arm pain, improve technique and increase velocity

  • Hands on training for all physical constraint corrective exercises pitching bootcamp-31 to help you increase velocity and do it without pain

  • Hands on instruction of all corrective throwing drills you'll need to increase velocity
They’ll also get specifically targeted classroom instruction explaining:
The most common contributors to pain
The physiology of tissue healing and recovery
The contribution of sleep and nutrition to arm health and the most efficient and effective training modalities to expedite recovery
Training the correct energy system
The neurophysiology of myelination to accelerate learning and healingpitching-bootcamp-25
World class mindset training
At the conclusion of the camp and pitching lessons, our staff will sit down in a one-on-one consultation to discuss your customized 21-day, multidisciplinary written plan that will help you eliminate arm pain, increase velocity and help you become a better player. The template you receive will also guide you through the training and will provide clear instructions for follow up care and exercises to increase velocity and command, and eliminate arm pain moving forward. When you return home from our pitching lessons, you’ll be well on your way to throwing healthier, throwing healthier and having a better command.

Here’s what the parents of one recent attendee had to say about the camp:

“I run a pitcher development program and teach pitching lessons just outside of Philadelphia. We are doing everything that you are doing i.e. pain assessment, decel, connection, functional strength, mobility, etc... But I know that there is NO ONE in the country (world) doing what you are doing in the way that you do it. You guys function at an unparalleled level. You engage your students at an emotional level, (key to motor learning) create a super-charged environment of excellence, and then pull the boys through the wormhole. What we find on the other side is life-altering opportunity. Untold thanks for identifying my son's constraints & unlocking his potential. He has never been so enthused in training. I will forever sing your praises...

Ever Grateful”

Jim D - Philadelphia, PA

Here’s what 2 injured college players said about their experience (because of NCAA rules, we cannot divulge their full names or photos).

“I came to the Florida Baseball Ranch this past summer while working back from Tommy John surgery looking to regain/increase velocity and throw pain-free. Everyone there was extremely knowledgeable and motivating. They helped me increase velocity higher than it was before surgery, and I am now pain free. Also, my command improved a ton. I definitely recommend any pitcher who is rehabbing or simply trying to get better to come to the Florida Baseball Ranch for pitching lessons and training.”

Colin P. NCAA Division 1 Pitcher

“Training at the Florida Baseball Ranch was by far the best decision I have ever made for my baseball career.

Like everyone else after tommy John surgery, I was worried about how my velocity and command would turn out. There are always a multitude of unanswered questions after any surgery, especially as a pitcher. How will I perform after I come back? Will I have my same stuff? Will I increase velocity? What will happen to my off speed? How can I prevent it from happening again? What can I do to make my arm more durable? Not to mention all the other doubts you have in the back of your head during rehab. Randy Sullivan and the Florida Baseball Ranch answered every one of my questions and then some. The program and pitching lessons they designed not only allowed me throw pain free, but it also made me a better pitcher at every aspect of my game. Not only did I come back sitting 91 to 92, but I was also throwing 75 to 80% strikes in my bullpens. For anyone who has had TJ, you know that's huge!

If you want to play at the next level, and your willing to grind and work your ass off, there's no better place to go. Like I said, it was the best decision I ever could have made.”

Cody B. – NCAA Division 1 pitcher

I know, with our pitching lessons and training, we can help you a overcome your arm pain, increase velocity, and get on the fast track to greatness. Sounds like a good idea? Well, I’m going make it even better for you. By registering early you’ll receive a $300 discount.

I’ll also throw in a free Arm Care Kit consisting of a DurathroTM Training Sock, a Connection Ball, andScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.17.45 PM a 7 oz rehab ball. ($70 value)

And you’ll get a free copy of my nationally acclaimed book and DVD, Engineering the Superhuman Pitching Machine Volume 3: Taking Action, Targeting Your Training. ($97.00 value)
And finally, you’ll receive a free 30-day membership to The DurathroTM Training System (an online treasure trove of educational information and services such as on line consultations and video analyses). This will keep you connected to our staff to make sure your training is right on track and you can continue to increase velocity and improve arm pain moving forward. ($199 value)

Coaches and parents are welcome to attend with a paid player. We realize the cost is significant investment, but we make no apologies. Why? Well, because we know our pitching lessons and specialized coaching are darned well worth it and that it’s the best investment for a player’s career. After all, what is it worth for a player to blast through all of those barriers that have been holding him back?

The choice of whether or not to attend our pitching lessons and elite specialized training is simple, really. You can choose a similar specialist (if you can find one of this caliber) based on local convenience or price, or you can invest in your future by working with one of the most qualified and successful arm health and performance experts on the planet. Do you really want price and convenience to dictate a decision that can impact your entire baseball career?

Still Not Convinced? We Offer A Money Back Guarantee!

To make this decision a total no-brainer, we’ll offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our pitching lessons and camps. Feel free to call us about the details before purchasing. For the record, no one has ever asked for a refund after attending one of our pitching lessons and camps. So now, the decision is yours.

Call us at 813-655-3342 to get registered before the camps fill up and you end up on our waiting list. To learn more or to register on line go to ! Let’s get your career back on the path to greatness!
Randy Sullivan, MPT
CEO Florida Baseball Ranch

P.S. Can’t make it to one of those camp dates?

Call Amy at 813-655-3342 ask about a Precision Strike One Day, One-on-One evaluation and training session or inquire about our Extended Summer Training Program